How To Overcome The Dreary Winter Blues?

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I don't know what the weather is like in the UK, but over here in Germany, it is appalling. Rain, cloudy skies and darkness dominate the days and when it isn't raining, depressing grey shades and weird white lighting during the day reveal a dreary, naked landscape which can really bring you down. So how to overcome the winter blues?

1. Shine From The Inside

It is very easy to feel down when the weather is so depressing. A way to prevent this is to eat healthy which makes you feel good inside and when you feel great, you carry that attitude out into the world. I’ve started to change my eating habits towards more healthy food. It is a very slow change though because I'm a picky eater and eating fresh is time-consuming. Fresh food requires a lot of preparation. Most of the time I’m already hungry and freshly cooked meals take up to 2h which has recently put my patience to the test but it has worked. I feel more calm and relaxed since I cook homemade soup with fresh Apple&Cheddar bread and enjoy apples and nuts as a snack instead of chocolate. My sugar cravings have declined recently. I've also managed to get away from my ice tea addiction and drink most of the time water, which has made me feel more relaxed and I stopped my nail-biting when I feel nervous. Quality food can make such a difference to your well-being and though I've only done small steps so far, I think I'm going in the right direction and I can feel the positive effects of it already.

2. Keeping Fit

I would lie if I say that I do a lot of exercises, which is partly because I can’t do exhausting sports due to health issues, and because I’m lazy. I prefer a relaxing swim in the pool, a good cycling ride or ice-skating session over an exhausting run in the gym. However, I recently got a new pair of ASICS Gel Kayano 20* in bright orange. All my life I had one pair of ASICS shoes which, after 14 years, fell into pieces and it kind of went without saying that I opted for a new pair of the brand again. This one has a complex gel cushioning system, which feels very soft and flexible when you run outside, or in my case lightly jog. It gives you a perfect bounce and helps to absorb the impact of harmful forces (e.g. solid, harsh tarmac). The exercise outside in the fresh air stimulates my metabolism and entire body and I feel great at the end of the day which also lifts my mood and spirits.

How to keep fit in early spring
Bright orange sport shoes by Asics

3. 'Refuel' On Sunlight

Despite the many horrible damages, sunlight can cause to our skin, it has plenty of positive effects which are vital for your health. I'm a sun lover so as soon as the first warm sunbeams are out, I have to use the opportunity to 'refuel' on positive energy from the sun. The ultraviolet B in sunlight stimulates our body's natural production of Vitamin D which we need for healthy bones and to absorb calcium and phosphorus from our diet. Harvard University has also found out that exposure to natural sunlight diminishes the risk of osteoporosis. Australian research further confirms that sunlight regulates our hormone balance. It can reduce the production of melatonin, a hormone that makes us feel sleepy and drowsy, and instead, we feel awake and refreshed. A daily dose of 10-15minutes of sunlight is enough to contribute to your body's health. The benefits of sunlight are diverse and though rare in the pre-spring time, you should try and use as many opportunities as possible. Of course, sunlight needs to be enjoyed in moderation and with protection to prevent sunburn and the risk of cancer.

4. Add Colour

It is scientifically proven that colour has a tremendous influence on our well-being and can enhance our moods. The bright orange colour from my shoes is not only a hot spring colour, but it’s also my favourite as it stands for creativity and an open mind. If you have this energetic colour around you, it will stir your imagination, keeps your energy flowing and makes you feel alive. With so much brightness and happiness on my feet, I’m sure to attract lots of positive energy, which you can, too. I got my shoes from online shop which features a great collection of running shoes and exercise gear. Most running shoes in the ASICS collection at are very bright and you can get basically any colour from yellow, via blue, to purple and green.

ASICS Gel Kayano

Are You Ready?

ASICS Gel Kayano sport shoes

What bright colour would you choose? How is everyone's NY resolution (keep fit and exercise) going so far? How do you overcome the dreary winter months?

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

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