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Beauty: FEBulous Hand Creams For Dry Winter Skin

Hand cream reviews

How are you? For today's post, I've tried and tested different hand creams - an essential product in our handbags, especially now in winter, when we have to experience massive temperature fluctuations that can dry out our skin very quickly.

|The Contestants|

Hand cream reviews

(1) Benecos Natural Care, (2) The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry, (3) L'Occitaine Dry Skin.

(1) Benecos Natural Care Hand Cream*, £2.95

At around £3, the Benecos hand cream is the most affordable one from all of my chosen contestants and with 75ml offers also the most content. I’m in love with the packaging, which has a bright orange colour and the floral pattern looks eye-catching. All Benecos products are natural care and vegan and so is this one, too.

The cream itself has a glossy shine, a cream white colour and there’s this typical neutral, but pleasant hand cream smell. Wet and creamy in consistency and not runny at all, a few drops are enough to cover your hands evenly. A small amount of the product will take you a long way so you get the maximum usuage out of the product.

The light formula is absorbed quickly within seconds by the skin and won’t leave any sticky feeling or film behind. The skin feels moisturised and hydrated, but I wish it could feel a bit more nurtured and soft. The cream wears off quickly so you may have to reapply it more frequently and more often than other hand creams. Overall, I was impressed with the Benecos hand cream, as it improved my dry skin in an instant and even repaired broken cuticles.

Hand cream swatches
Hand cream review Benecos

(2) The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry, £3.50

At £3.50 for 30ml, The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry hand cream is a real bargain. I know this one was part of the Christmas collection but the paint tube packaging is so cute with its pink colours and the black screw cap.

The cream itself has a rose coloured shimmer, a glossy shine and the same consistency as the Benecos one. It feels pleasant on your skin and two drops can take you a long way. I love the scent which smells fruity, happy and delicious. You sense a little breeze now and again of that berry, sweet, candy-like scent which reminds me of Gummiberry juice.

The Body Shop cream takes a bit longer to be absorbed by your skin, leaving your fingertips slightly creamy and sticky. It melts into your skin and leaves a tiny glycerine film, which makes your hands super soft and moist. Even if you massage it well into your hands, it will stay for a while. I found the cream very pleasant to apply, which improved my dry flaky skin in an instant and reduced my broken cuticles in the long term.

(3) L'Occitane Creme Mains. Peaux Seches. Dry Skin, sample size 

L’Occitane retails at £8 for 30ml, so this one is at the pricey end in comparison to the other two contestants. The packaging is similar to The Body Shop one - an elegant paint tube with a screw cap with a simple, yet classy design.

This hand cream comes with a thick and paste-like formula and has a snow white colour. Once warmed up by your skin, it will melt easily and apply evenly and smoothly. It smells slightly dull to me and has a stronger note of glycerine. The cream leaves a sticky feeling behind even after a few minutes. It takes a long while to be absorbed by the skin and it made my hands go cold really quickly. However, it leaves your hands moist and nurtured and repairs dry skin quickly and broken cuticles. L’Occitane do promotions quite often, so I don’t mind getting this one now and again as a sample.

Hand cream L'Occitane Benecos and The Body Shop

Thank you so much for reading today's post and I hope you'll join me on my next adventure. Which hand cream do you use? Have you used any of the above before? Have you used any of them and if so, what were your thoughts?

Till next time,

xx Caz xx

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