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Disney's Big Hero 6 Review

I haven't done a film review in ages, so when I watched Disney's Big Hero 6 last night, which will hit cinemas at the end of the month, I was little impressed and left disappointed when I finished watching the film.

My review is my personal and honest opinion which I express directly and openly. I do not intend to offend anyone, nor do I want to use euphemism. So here's what I thought:

The title of Disney’s newest ‘masterpiece’ Big Hero 6 reads like a meal fresh from the menu of common animation mash. Just take the familiar ingredients and you get Disney a la Carte: take a cute cuddly hero (for the girls) plus a super cool sidekick (for the boys), add some ‘friends’ who mainly utter massive nonsense, spice it all up with some cheesy one-liners, some easy and superficial plot structures including the obligatory American curve of low point where everything is so totally helpless and lost, but then turns miraculously and so out of the blue into the happy ending and voila, here it is – the newest animation film that will mug parents’ wallets.

I won’t spoil any plot details of the film for you, but I have to warn you, I didn't like the film at all. However, I’ll try my best to find some positives about it. Big Hero 6 has some moments that will make you smile. The animation is typically Disney and like always of high quality and yeeeeaaaahhhs I find BayMax very cute and I really fancy a cuddle right now. But that’s it.

25 minutes into the film and I had a massive headache from the unlikeable characters. There’s Hiro which is a very dull and uncreative pun with the word ‘Hero’. Linguistically speaking the phonetics are completely wrong. 'Hiro' should be pronounced /'haɪrəʊ/, but it is a children's film, so any logic should be switched off and let's pronounce him /ˈhɪərəʊ/ ('hero'). He is a super cool teenager and about to join his brother at university at the age of - maybe 12 or 14? His brother introduces him to some fellow students, the ‘stupid nerds’ which are 'so uncool'. And I tell you now these ‘friends’ will do your head in all film long! Big Hero 6 is full of hectic moments with hysterical jumping around and hyperactivity everywhere. It is so turbulent and annoying. I had to check in the middle of the film if this was really produced by Disney and not by Dreamworks.

Other points are the poor quality of translation into German and I’m also extremely disappointed by the depiction of university and its students. They are ‘uncool’ and ‘nerdy’. I don’t think I would like to give this message to my children, that being intelligent and achieving something extraordinary through research is a bad thing and has to be treated arrogantly. Children who'll see this and mimic this behaviour will be the perfect bullies in school. We have seen this cliché in so many films and I'm asking myself when will this stop? I'm tired of seeing how intelligent people are referred to and treated as losers. Sorry, Disney but that’s really uncool and so last 2002!

The film lost, even more, points when they made a reference to ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs’ and ‘The Hunger Games’. Disney do you really need to steal from other films?

Here are two more examples that will tell you everything about the intellectual level of Big Hero 6:

‘We can’t fight. We’re just nerds’ – says a student who researches and builds robots at a reputable university.

‘Do you know what a quarantine is?’ again, asked by a student who studies robots and engineering at university.

I’m very well aware that this is a film for children, which they will probably enjoy due to the high level of entertainment. But to be honest the film won't do anything else than this followed by children who will drag you into the nearest Disney store and nag the hell out of you till you've bought all the merchandising.

Big Hero 6 is to me a big disappointment, which hasn't achieved to engage me into the action or identify with the characters at all. The thin plot is full of superficial messages, shallow emotions and sheer boring. Uninspiring, predictable and far too easily structured – I mean you know after 10 minutes who’s going to be the bad guy. I grew up with Disney and I wish they would produce more wonderful films such as 'Ratatouille'.

If you like fast food and you don't care about your children won't learn anything useful except for 'switch off your brain and learn how to divide the world into categories', then you’ll love Big Hero 6. If you’re after something inspiring, funny and truly magical, then I’d say watch 'Paddington' again or invest your money into DVDs like 'The Last Unicorn' or 'Land Before Time'.


Please note and respect my personal opinion of the film. I'm aware my taste in film is not mainstream and you may disagree with my views. Feel free to comment and let me know what you thought of Big Hero 6.

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

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