Potsdam Now. Brand Of Berlin Fashion Week. Day 1

Potsdam Now Fashion Show

Fashion-wise all eyes are on Berlin from the 20th - 22nd January, as the capital hosts Germany's biggest fashion event: The Berlin Fashion Week. The brand is sometimes mistaken with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which is part of Berlin Fashion Week alongside numerous other fashion events. 

This year, a new one has joined the brand and was hosted in Potsdam, Berlin's little neighbour. For the very first time, the glamorous show called Potsdam Now! Fashion invites fashionistas, the media, bloggers and fashion lovers to the Schinkelhalle to adore and see newcomer designers - local and from Israel.

The Location

The three-day event kicked off last night and I was kindly given a press pass to attend Potsdam Now at the Schinkelhalle. It is a very lovely venue, modern, with a fresh outline and a wooden ceiling, but sadly there was no public wifi, which made it hard during the evening to keep up with my media colleagues and to cover the event live. Maybe it's time to say 'Good Bye' to the times of free public wifi, which I always enjoyed in the UK, but I guess for German standards I'm far too spoilt to demand wifi. I mean this is Germany, pay for your Internet yourself you begging cheapskate!

Anyway, when I arrived at 5:30 pm, the venue was already super busy with people and I had no problem picking up my press pass. No goody bags this time! Some of the staff were tense which showed in annoyed faces and made the atmosphere a bit...well...very German. Never mind, I found my seat in the front row and took some test shots with my camera to test the lightning. I'm very sorry about the pictures, some of them are blurry but I've seen similar pictures from other photographers, so it wasn't just me struggling.

The fashion focus during the first night of Potsdam Now was on Israel. Did you know that there's an Israeli law that demands to credit all pictures edited with Photoshop? Or that models need to fulfil a certain BMI otherwise they aren't allowed to work in Israel? Ambassador Hadas Handelsmann, who opened the evening, charmingly explained 'we want to make sure, models eat more than just one or two salad leaves'. So let's begin, shall we?

Potsdam Fashion Week
Me sitting Front Row at Berlin Fashion Week

First Show: Shani Zimmerman

Shani Zimmerman Fashion Show
Shani Zimmerman Summer collection
Runway Fashion show
Shani Zimmerman fashion show

The first show, by Shani Zimmerman showcased very casual and chic designs, nothing too fancy but very mature with a touch of boho. Flat shoes dominated the catwalk, lots of pastel, sand and white tones were key colours in her SS15 collection. Sequins and black were used for a more glamorous look, but most designs were made of floating material to present the effortless of summer. I found Zimmerman's looks very nice because they combine fashion as art but are wearable at the same time.

Second Show: Zion Anava

Zion Anava fashion show
Zion Anava Berlin Fashion Week
catwalk show Fashion in Potsdam
Fashion runway show Berlin Fashion Week

The designer presented statement designs in dark shades teamed up with sequins and glitter, which was also reflected in the model's dramatic makeup. Again, very chic and elegant designs, the material of absolutely high quality with super classy cuts. Modern, stylish, bang on trend for a modern and independent woman. My favourite design was the mustard coloured coat in the picture above and the black glitter jumpsuit (model after the coat).

Third Show: Frau Blau

Frau Blau summer collection
Frau Blau runway show
Frau Blau fashion show Berlin Fashion week
Potsdam Now Frau Blau fashion show
Frau Blau designer on stage

Wearable fashion presented by Frau Blau with a twist of quirkiness and of course lots and lots of blue (in all shades you can think of!). The label plays safe and sticks to shift dresses. With clear cuts and the kaleidoscope print, all of the outfits were lovely to look at and would make perfect office and everyday wear. I particularly liked the black dress in the third picture and fell in love with the white dress in picture two and the fabulous printed scarf. This look screams after summer and when the model came on the catwalk I could literally feel the warmth of the summer sun and desperately wanted to head off to the next beach. Also, look at those antlers, aren't they très Jolie?

Fourth Show: Efrat Kalig

Efrat Kalig dreamy dresses fashion
Efrat Kalig runwayshow
Efrat Kalig for Potsdam Now fashion show
Designs and dresses by Efrat Kalig

Wow, you've made it through the entire post, congrats! Now you'll get a tiny feeling how long the event was. In between each show, there was a 1h break, which I found far too long. I guess it went by very fast for the make-up artists and models, but really slowly after the third show which finished around 21:30 pm. Most people left and I was nearly about to leave, too! Luckily I didn't because Efrat Kalig was the absolute highlight of the entire evening. She presented absolutely, amazingly, beautifully, stunning Haute Couture fashion at its best.

Look at all the designs! Her show was on for a full 40 minutes, bang, bang, bang, every dress a show stopper. Made of high-quality material, her dresses were magnificent. Mostly lacy, floating, diva-like teamed up with sophisticated statement jewellery, oh my god, I can't find the words to describe it. Absolutely amazing and genius brilliant! I was so blown away by the outfits and I can see talented Efrat's designs easily worn by supermodels next year at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Really enjoyed my first fashion show in Germany, though I'm always a bit reserved when I have to attend high-end glamour events by myself. Thanks to the lovely lady sitting next to me, the evening was an absolute joy and full success. Potsdam Now is on for two more nights, tonight and tomorrow which I have covered here Potsdam Now Day 3.

Let me know if you've ever been to a fashion show before, which designs you liked best and if you enjoy high-end glamour events. If you've liked today's fashion show post, I've also been to Bristol Fashion Week in 2014 and at the Amanda Wakely fashion show at London Fashion Week.

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

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