Ben & Jerry's Winter Editions. Ice Cream Review

Ben Jerrys Minter Wonderland

Even when it's cold and frosty outside, I like to enjoy some ice cream. In the UK, Ben & Jerry's have two special winter editions* on the market at the moment and it goes without saying that I HAD TO try and test the new flavours.

Joy to the swirled and Minter Wonderland

Joy to the Swirled is a rich and creamy vanilla ice cream with oozy caramel and dark chocolate swirls and Minter Wonderland is a mint flavoured ice cream with big chunks of dark chocolate.

Joy To The Swirled*: This vanilla ice cream comes with swirls of caramel and dark chocolate fudge and looks absolutely delicious. When I opened the lid, a stream of thick, oozy caramel drizzled out and just made me more excited to dig my spoon in. Once you get your first scoops out, the ice cream reveals layers of rich and creamy vanilla and chocolate ice cream with hidden 'veins' of caramel and chocolate. Once you hit these, the swirls are oozing and mix with the ice cream. It looks a bit like a mess but the taste is divine! Joy to the Swirled is so rich in flavour and the chocolate is very dominant. At one point I had my mouth full of gooey caramel, which tasted so so good, but the ice cream was filling at the same time due to the intense chocolatey flavour. I enjoyed Joy to the Swirled but I warn you, you can't have too much of it, as it fills you up quickly. This is quality food porn for very special moments.

Joy To The Swirled Ben and Jerrys Limited edition
Minter Wonderland ice cream review

Minter Wonderland*: Now, Minter Wonderland is in comparison to Joy to the Swirled harmless and seems to be a bit boring. The simplicity of a minted flavoured vanilla ice cream with chunky dark chocolate pieces, however, is genius. The texture is just right for me, not too creamy but icy. I like it when ice cream has a solid texture and you can taste bits and pieces of ice crystals. This one is just perfect. The vanilla ice cream is not too sweet and has a light flavour of mint. The ratio of chunky dark chocolate pieces (none of them were broken) was just right and the pieces had a lovely crack when you eat them. I had at least one piece with every spoon. The chocolate has a subtle note of mint as well and complements the vanilla ice cream. The flavours are great and I could have eaten a whole tub without feeling sick.

Ben and Jerrys limited winter editions

The winter editions are perfect treats for the pre-Christmas period. Joy to the Swirled is for these special moments when you crave a chocolate and caramel overkill whereas Minter Wonderland has a lighter note and is perfect to enjoy in front of the fireplace. I found the special editions only at Tesco's and they are priced at around £4-5.

Have you seen the winter editions yet? Do you like Ben & Jerry's ice cream? Which one would you get?

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

*PR sample.

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