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Lifestyle: My Thoughts On Glamour's December Issue.

Glamour December 2014 issue review

OMG it is already November, meaning there's a big mark on my calendar to remind me to get the December issue of Glamour, which comes, as every year, with a fantastic freebie from Nails Inc. You can collect four different full-sized bottles of Britain's well-known nail polish brand, plus there are other goodies in the magazine to get you into the Christmas shopping and gifting mood. Goes without saying that I bought Glamour straight away when it came out on the 3rd November.


Where there's nail polish involved, there's me. My eyes literally grew bigger and bigger when Glamour revealed a sneak peek of the shades in the previous issue and I wasn't disappointed when I got my copy of the magazine. All colours seem to be decent this year. In previous issues, it was a bit hit and miss. Some colours were either very runny or didn't cover very well. So this year you have the choice to get Nails Inc Tate a fawny tone, Wigmore Street autumn's on trend navy blue, Hanover Square a deep burgundy shade and Marylebone Mews, a nude tone. My two issues came with Tate and Wigmore Street.

Glamour December 2014 issue review Nails Inc nail polish
Glamour December 2014 issue review nail polish freebie

There are other freebies in the magazine, such as a gift card from The Body Shop, worth either £3, £15 or £100 plus a chance to grab one worth £1,000 plus the magazine bursts with sachet samples.


The great selection of freebies is a big plus for the magazine. However, there were a few things that disappointed me this time whilst reading Glamour.

- The Body Shop gift cards are only attached in areas, where there is a branch around. I bought my first issue in Gloucester as I couldn't wait to read it on the train down to London. When I opened the magazine there wasn't a Body Shop card attached. It reads in the small print, that gift cards are only attached in regions where the Body Shop branch accepts the promotion. This was a bit disappointing as I've never come across this before. People miss out on a great promotion because they don't live in a particular area, plus what about people (like me) who travel and would like to redeem the voucher somewhere else?

- Sachet samples are limited, too. My first issue came without the Body Shop gift card and without the usual sachet samples. However, both were included in the issue bought in London. It just further gives you the impression readers outside of London aren't really Glamours' efforts worth it. Not a nice message to send across. 

- Articles I can't relate to. There's an article about financial gaps in relationships. Couples were selected where one partner earned less than the other (referred to as 'the skint one') and the article's aim was to find out how people coped with the financial differences. The 'skint' partners earned an average of £26,000 per annum and above, whereas their partners earned far more. Of course, all couples were no older than 35. To me, this article was a slap in the face, because it tells me (and judges me) indirectly, that I'm skint because I'm not earning a ridiculous amount of money by now. I don't need that attitude from a magazine, which I read for pleasure and to take my mind off. It is such a miss of Glamour's audience. I'm sure most readers, including teenage girls, students and young women in their 20's who just started their career, do not even earn £26,000 per annum. I wouldn't call someone 'skint' because of s/he earns around £26.0000. I know a lot of intelligent young people who earn less than the NMW (they are definitely skint) but not someone who earns £40.000 (and above) and has first world complexes because the partner earns a Utopian £120.000. The examples picked are absolutely far fetched, do not represent the majority out there and are a million miles away from Glamour's target audience. Totally misplaced, if you ask me and this is a case of poor editing because the wording in this article is typically London, so very cocky which makes it sound extremely arrogant towards the reader. It is not tailored to the target audience of the magazine plus it actually made me feel bad about myself. Sorry Glamour ladies, but not everyone can live your galore lifestyle in the capital (yes, there's life outside the London bubble!).

- Conflicting Problems. I find it extremely weird when magazines are one month ahead in naming/numbering their issues. I'm aware that Glamour is a monthly magazine but what's so wrong in calling the issue 'November issue' when it is out in November? It is very odd, when you read a December issue in November because I expect the magazine to burst with Christmas and New Year's Eve articles and features. Yet, there's barely anything covered about it. No offence to the gorgeous Claire Danes, but even the cover design looks for a December issue underwhelming. Where is the glitz and glam from last year's Katy Perry in 1920's party style? I guess the January issue will feature Christmas and New Year's but then I'm even more confused, to be honest. I mean we don't celebrate Christmas or New Years in January plus it'll be weird when Jo Elvin starts her editor's page in the January issue with 'Happy New Year' though it is the beginning of December and the NY is more than 30 days away. Same as if she would wish Happy Christmas, given the fact it will be the January issue and Christmas will be over for a good week when January starts. See what I mean? It doesn't work at all.

So altogether an underwhelming issue, but if you're after freebies than you should get your copy (if you haven't got one by now).

Thanks for reading! Till next time and let me know if you bought this month's Glamour and what you thought of it. Which nail colour did you get?

xx Caz xx

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