What Is The Best Liquid Eyeliner From The High Street?

The best liquid eyeliner on the High Street

Part of my everyday signature look is a black eyeliner flick, so this month, I tried a couple of products. Important to me is the lasting effect, intensity and easy application of the eyeliner. So I tested a few brands and I’d love to share my results with you in today’s post. Some were great, others I wouldn't buy again. However, all eyeliner were easy to remove with water and makeup remover.

The Contestants

Black liquid eyeliner tried and tested review

From left to right: Boots No 7, Benecos Natural Liquid Eyeliner, ScandalEyes from Rimmel London and Eyeko Eyeliner.

Black liquid eyeliner

Eyeliner Review

Review black liquid eyeliner

From left to right: Boots No 7, Rimmel London and Eyeko London.

Boots No 7 Liquid Eyeliner, £7. I ran out of eyeliner for a while and was in desperate need when I finally went to Boots to get one. I was looking for an affordable eyeliner under £10 and this one suited perfectly. However, I was very disappointed when I used it. The pen lies handy but the felt tip is as hard as a toothpick. The texture is dry and won’t come out easily so you have to push it hard against your skin to make the liquid come out which hurt my eyelid. Because the texture is so dry, you can’t draw a perfect flick in one go and you have to draw it step by step. The colour doesn't spread evenly so you have to apply a few layers and you end up with smudges. Sadly, the eyeliner doesn’t last very long, too. After one hour the intensity had already faded and it looked smudged. I tried the eyeliner for a couple of weeks and thought the initial problem would solve itself when using the eyeliner more often and make the liquid more applicable. Nothing changed and I got annoyed by the daily hurtful application, so it went into the bin after 3 weeks.

Benecos Natural Liquid Eyeliner*, £5.95. This one uses an applicator instead of a felt tip. It lies handy but the actual tip is a bit stiff and can't hold enough liquid to do a flick in one go. You have to stop mid-way and refresh the applicator, which can end in untidy results if you’re inexperienced with this kind of eyeliner. However, the intensity was great and created a very sexy finish. My eyes looked bigger and it lasted all day without any loss of the colour. Though the line you draw with the applicator is thicker than with a felt tip based eyeliner, I really liked the dramatic effect it gave to my eyes. It also works well in combination with eyeshadow and applies a very smooth finish.

Rimmel London ScandalEyes Precision Eyeliner, £5.50. I had this one for a long while now and it still draws smooth lines each time I use it. The pen is easy to hold which allows a precise application. The felt tip is soft and there’s no unpleasant feel at any time. The liquid spreads evenly and draws finely, so you can draw a perfect flick in one go. However, the liquid takes a bit of time to dry and leaves marks on your upper lid if you have a hidden one like me. The intensity wears off towards the end of the day, so you have to renew it. Overall I’m very pleased with this eyeliner as it lasts for a long time and it works well on eyeshadow, too.

Eyeko London, £12. This one has a very soft felt tip and spreads the liquid evenly. The texture is smooth with a great intensity, which is perfect from start to finish. You can easily draw your line in one go and the dramatic effect lasts all day without wearing off. However, there isn't much liquid in the eyeliner, so the longest my one lasted was around three months. Personally, this is my favourite but I have to admit it is pricey for the fact, that you can’t use it for as long as e.g. the Rimmel London. The Eyeko comes now and again as a freebie with Glamour or Company magazine for £2, which is a bargain.

Intensity After Application

Liquid eyeliner intensity

Intensity After 1h

liquid eyeliner intensity after an hour
what's the best liquid eyeliner? review and suggestions

I'm quite pleased that most of the products I've tested were of good quality for their price. Which one is your favourite eyeliner or disappointed you?

Thanks so much for reading and till next time, 

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