Tried And Tested. Ben and Jerry's Special Edition Satisfy My Bowl

Satisfy my Bowl Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

I'm a passionate ice cream lover and when Ben & Jerry's reached out to me to try their new flavour 'Satisfy My Bowl*' I couldn't resist. 'Satisfy My Bowl' is a special edition and was released in mid-September. Ben & Jerry’s special editions are usually inspired by musicians and this one pays homage to Bob Marley and celebrates the 30th anniversary of Marley’s Legend album.

Did you know the name was actually chosen by a Ben & Jerry's fan and is a direct reference to Marley's song 'Satisfy My Soul'? I found it a great idea to include fans for this special edition as it pays tribute to a man who dedicated his life to bringing people together through music. Now, they can be brought together through delicious ice cream. So cool, right?

Ben & Jerry's kindly send me a voucher to try the banana flavoured ice cream with cookie and caramel swirls and chocolate peace signs. My local Sainsbury's didn't stock it, nor did Morrisons but after some research and a hint from a Twitter follower, I found it at Tesco. The lovely PR lady also sent me Marley’s Legend album and whilst listening to the chillaxing music, I treated myself to a bowl of ice cream.


Satisfy my Bowl Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

Most Ben & Jerry’s ice creams are very solid when you take them out of the freezer, so is this one. Leave it out for ten minutes and then the ice cream will have a creamy and smooth texture.

The ice cream looks very appealing. Cookie swirls give the ice cream a lovely colour and remind me of a beach. The chunky chocolate peace signs are all solid and not a single one was broken.

Satisfy my Bowl Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
Satisfy my Bowl Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
Satisfy my Bowl Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

My standard flavour is usually 'Cookie Dough' and I found 'Satisfy My Bowl' less sweet which I really like. I’m not a big fan of an intense banana flavour (childhood trauma) and luckily, the taste is less intense in comparison to other banana flavoured food. I taste vanilla at first and then after a while, I recognised a delicate fine note of banana. The dark chocolate peace signs tasted delicious and were a great contrast to the sweetness of the smooth caramel swirls and the banana ice cream.

I really enjoyed 'Satisfy My Bowl', because the flavour is not overpowering. There’s a good ratio of caramel swirls and chocolate peace signs which make the flavours work well together and complement each other perfectly.

Satisfy My Bowl Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

Have you tried 'Satisfy My Bowl' yet? Have a look for it in the freezer section at Tesco and let me know what you think of it. The special edition is only available in the UK and costs around £2-£3.

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

*PR Sample

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