Endgame Event At Waterstones In Bath

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Endgame Waterstones Bath

I recently read Endgame by James Frey, a new YA fiction trilogy, co-written by Nils Johnson-Shelton. If you think you've never heard of James Frey before, think again, because the bestselling author brought us the very successful Lorien Legacies series. With the LL coming slowly to an end, James has now published another highly addictive series: the first book in the Endgame trilogy was officially released on the 7th October 2014 in over 160 countries, which marks one of the biggest simultaneous releases in publishing ever. James is currently on a big promo tour and he stopped by in humble Bath just a week ago.

Endgame Waterstones Bath tickets

Last Wednesday, I made my way over to Bath. My friend couldn't make it, so I went to the event on my own. The Waterstone's is right in the middle of Bath's posh high street and it is one of the best ones I've ever been to. The staff were very friendly and supportive, so at this point, I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone for organising such a great event. Anyway, there were posters of Endgame everywhere which created a great atmosphere right from the start. Upstairs waited 20 people for the event to begin in and I sat in the second row which was only a couple of meters away from James.

The Event At Waterstone's in Bath

Endgame Waterstones Bath event James Frey
Endgame Waterstones Bath meeting James Frey
Endgame Waterstones Bath James Frey signing

James casually spoke to John McLay, author and artistic director of The Telegraph Bath Kids Literature Festival, about Endgame, the massive campaign around it and he also dropped one or two secrets on what is going to happen to the Lorien Legacies.

The idea and inspiration for Endgame came from a children's book called "Masquerade" by Kit Williams which is quite popular here in the UK. James worked two months on his research before he started writing. He admitted he found it fascinating to include and solves puzzles, so he gathered a team of PhD's around him to create the mysterious riddles for Endgame. It was fascinating to hear, how he constructed the plot for each of the Endgame books and shared some insights into his research. I found it interesting that all names from the 12 descendants in the book are based on the 12 ancient civilisations that lived on earth thousands of years ago.

Did you know that the pyramid outside Xi'an really exists? The characters meet here to start Endgame and receive instructions and clues where to start their search for the three magical objects. Until today, the Chinese government keeps the pyramid a secret and it was last seen during the first world war.

With Endgame, James and his team aspire to create one of the biggest storytelling next to the Marvel and Star Wars universe with a massive fan base and interactive connection to the book. I think this is a very ambitious aim and I'm interested to see how a fictional world will be taken out of its context into the real world to make readers identify with the fiction.

Each book release is accompanied by a massive prize draw. Readers need to solve the complex riddles in between Endgame chapters to get the chance of winning $500,000 which will increase to a million in the second book and $1.5million for the third book. Each book represents a key that can open the treasure chest located at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA. If readers can't solve the puzzles within five years, all the money will go to charity.

Meeting James Frey

Endgame Waterstones Bath Me and James Frey
Endgame Waterstones Bath James Frey signature in Endgame

After the event, James took all the time in the world for each fan. It was a very nice atmosphere because he really took his time to answer questions, sign copies and pose for pictures with everyone. He is such a nice guy and I'm looking forward to meeting him again. Maybe next year when the second Endgame book will be released. He revealed that he has finished the drafts and like the Lorien Legacies, the Endgame series will be accompanied by some additional novellas. The film rights have been sold and the first movie will be out in 2016. So it's all very, very exciting.

We spoke briefly about the fate of the Lorien Legacies and he promised to make the next book longer than the last. He also confirmed the next one will be out in August 2015 and dropped a major surprise, which I can't tell you for discretion reasons.

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

AW 14 Accessories You Should Shop Now

Monday, 27 October 2014

Autumn accessories you should shop now

How are you? The season has some fantastic accessories and I thought I should reveal some of the hottest trends plus where you can shop them at reasonable prices on the British High Street. Hope you'll enjoy and let me know which one is your favourite accessory.

1. The Blanket Wrap

Since Burberry sent its models over the catwalk with a personalised blanket wrap at their latest fashion show, this accessory has become a huge trend this autumn. Blanket capes, ponchos or wraps are easy to style and a casual accessory to throw over your shoulders to keep you warm for the colder days. They are everywhere to find on the High Street: from Topshop via River Island to Urban Outfitters, they all have them in their current range. However, the leader with the most extensive range of ponchos is New Look. They have over 10 different styles with various patterns and colours and the quality is great for £19.99. Also, Stradivarius has a lovely one which is more of an oversized cape than a blanket. Their capes come in caramel, grey or black and cost around £15.99.

2. The Fedora Aka The Blogger Hat

The Fedora blogger essential fashion

I have to say I've never been a massive fan of hats. When I saw people wearing them, I always found them a bit over the top. Like when you see people wearing sunglasses at the most random occasions. However, the Fedora has grown on me this season and it keeps your head warm and cosy. I've found two hats that compliment my round face and they give most outfits a very casual and classy touch. Most fedoras on the High Street come in dark colours, mostly navy blue, burgundy red or black. I found the best ones in Topshop. The material is super soft and the Fedora has a nice shape. If you look for a more affordable version, head over to Stradivarius in Westfield, Stratford.

3. The Small Handbag

mini handbags autumn

Less is more and especially with overheated shops, a large bulky handbag that tangles up and is in your way all the time is the least you need this season. Small handbags are super cute and add some colour to your winter outfit. I love these two eye-catching bags from Stradivarius, both seen at £17.99. They are big enough to hold your phone, keys and makeup. The perfect companion to take with you when you meet the girls for tea or when you just stroll along the High Street on a Sunday afternoon for window shopping. Have a look how I styled the yellow mini bag with a casual blazer.

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

Stradivarius From Head To Toe. OOTD In London

Friday, 24 October 2014

Stradivarius boho vintage blouse

Earlier this month I went to London and to my surprise, the Stradivarius store had finally opened at Westfield Stratford. Like Bershka and Pull & Bear, Stradivarius is a sister brand of Spanish fashion house Zara. They have lovely boho styled clothes and romantic accessories with a grown-up touch. T-shirts cost between £10 and £15, jumpers and knitwear around £25, skirts and blouses come at £15 to £20 and leather jackets are priced between £80 to £100.

Goes without saying that I had a massive haul in the store and it felt amazing. I haven't had a haul in a very long time (at least two to three years) and it was great to be in a store finding so many nice pieces.

My friend Izas kindly took the pictures with her Nikon DSLR camera. She usually takes pictures of landscapes and now aspires to venture into portrait pictures and people. I feel that she has a great eye for detail and the pictures turned out wonderfully. Hope you'll enjoy.

Photography By Izas Galicia Balado

Stradivarius boho vintage blouse fashion post
Stradivarius boho vintage blouse fashion london
Stradivarius boho vintage blouse fedora london fashion
Stradivarius boho vintage blouse london fashion blogger
Stradivarius boho vintage blouse with Mischa Barton handbag
Stradivarius boho vintage blouse London fashion blogger ootd
Stradivarius boho vintage blouse Fashion post shot in London
Stradivarius boho vintage blouse with delicate accessorize necklace
Stradivarius boho vintage blouse 70s look fashion
Stradivarius boho vintage blouse Fedora autumn fashion
Stradivarius boho vintage blouse fashion shoot at the busy streets of london
Stradivarius boho vintage blouse with black skater dress and necklace
Stradivarius boho vintage blouse close up fashion blogger in London
Stradivarius boho vintage blouse magazine shoot

Here's What I’m Wearing:

Blogger Fedora: Stradivarius (current season 2014, £17)
Boho Vintage Blouse: Stradivarius (current season 2014 £16)
Black Skater Skirt: Stradivarius (current season 2014, £17)
Pendant Necklace: Accessorize (current season 2014, £8, sale £5)
Boots: Jones Bootsmaker (current 2014 season, £99)
Handbag: Mischa Barton (season 2013, via ASOS, sale £30)

Do you love the boho trend as much as I do? Have you heard of Stradivarius before? I have so much love for Stradivarius that I've published a second Stradivarius Head To Toe Outfit on Style Lingua. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much for reading and till next time, 

How To Wear A Casual Blazer Featuring CelebLook

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Celeb Look Fashion Post blazer

The leaves are coloured, the air is clear, the sky is bright blue and it's not too cold yet. I love this warm autumn weather! The lovely ladies over at CelebLook send me this gorgeous navy blue turn-up sleeve ruched blazer* a few weeks ago and whenever I had the chance I wore it.

My old boyfriend blazer from Primark, slowly but surely, falls into pieces and I've been looking for a replacement for a while now. This one from CelebLook is exactly what I was after. Navy blue is my personal autumn trend colour 2014 and the chic, yet classy blazer is made of a light material which doesn't crease the fabric when you put it into a bag. You can either wear it very casually over a Tshirt and leggings/jeans or glam up a dress. It goes with anything and it is easy to wash, so no fancy dry cleaning involved!

Navy Blue CelebLook Blazer Combined With T-shirt And Leggings

Celeb Look Fashion Post blazer Blue
Stradivarius yellow mini handbag
Autumn fashion ootd with mini handbag and blazer

Here's What I’m Wearing:

Navy Blue Blazer: CelebLook (current season 2014 , £11.49*)
Camera Tshirt: Stradivarius (current season 2014, £10)
Bracelets: Schmuckrausch (current season 2014, £5*)
Aztec Print Leggings: New Look (summer season 2012, £15.99)
Yellow Bag: Stradivarius (current season 2014, £17.99)

Navy Blue CelebLook Blazer Combined With Boots And A Dress

Celeb Look Fashion Post blazer with Paperblanks diary
Celeb Look Fashion Post blazer and dress combination
Celeb Look Fashion Post blazer Fashion Dress

Here's What I’m Wearing:

Navy Blue Blazer: CelebLook (current season 2014 , £11.49*)
Aztec Print Dress: New Look (current season 2014, £19.99)
Bracelets: Schmuckrausch (current season 2014, £5*)
Aztec Print Leggings: New Look (summer season 2012, £15.99)
Cognac Leather Boots: Clarks (winter season 2008/2009 £100)
Fitzgerald Ultra Book: Paperblanks (current season £17.99*)

Hope you'll like my accessories, too. I've used my Paperblanks ultrabook, which is from their pretty Embellished Manuscript collection. I thought it might be fun to use something different instead of a necklace or earrings :) You may have also spotted my Pretzel and Edelweiss bracelets, which I think look very cute with the outfit and remind me of Germany  and my Dirndl outfit for the Oktoberfest (Edelweiss and Pretzel are symbols for Bavaria/Oktoberfest).

Thank you so much for reading and till next time, 
*PR sample

Autumn Fashion OOTD. Cotswold's Style

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Autumn fashion post in the cotswolds

My friend Thursa lives in the beautiful Cotswolds and we went for lunch yesterday. It was a misty and very autumnal day, perfect to shoot a few pictures for an #ootd post. Hope you'll enjoy.

I slowly have to say goodbye to summer but luckily it is still warm enough to wear my Miss Selfridge jumpsuit. I've teamed it up with my Poncho from Stradivarius and tried to colour match it with my handbag and boots. Brown has been one of my favourite colours and it is a blocker, which means you can combine it with any other colour. 

Autumn fashion post in the cotswolds
Autumn fashion post in the cotswolds
Autumn fashion post in the cotswolds
Autumn leaves nature in the cotswolds
Autumn fashion post in the cotswolds OOTD
OOTD Autumn fashion post in the cotswolds
Autumn fashion post in the cotswolds Shades of brown
Autumn fashion post shades of brown

Here's What I’m Wearing:

Leopard Scarf: Primark (winter season 2013/2014, £3)
Cognac Leather Boots: Clarks (winter season 2008/2009 £100)
Polka Dot Jumpsuit: Miss Selfridge (current season 2014, sale £17)
Cognac Blanket Wrap with Belt: Stradivarius (current season 2014, £15.99)
Pendant Necklace: Accessorize (current season 2014, in the sale £5)
Handbag: Dorothy Perkins (season 2008/2009 £30)
Bangle: River Island (season 2005/2006, £10)

If you love these kind of autumn inspired looks, I got a few more upcoming, for example, Skirts & Scarfs in Autumn, A Cosy OOTD in London and It's Getting Colder in Autumn.

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

What Is The Best Liquid Eyeliner From The High Street?

Friday, 17 October 2014

The best liquid eyeliner on the High Street

Part of my everyday signature look is a black eyeliner flick, so this month, I tried a couple of products. Important to me is the lasting effect, intensity and easy application of the eyeliner. So I tested a few brands and I’d love to share my results with you in today’s post. Some were great, others I wouldn't buy again. However, all eyeliner were easy to remove with water and makeup remover.

The Contestants

Black liquid eyeliner tried and tested review

From left to right: Boots No 7, Benecos Natural Liquid Eyeliner, ScandalEyes from Rimmel London and Eyeko Eyeliner.

Black liquid eyeliner

Eyeliner Review

Review black liquid eyeliner

From left to right: Boots No 7, Rimmel London and Eyeko London.

Boots No 7 Liquid Eyeliner, £7. I ran out of eyeliner for a while and was in desperate need when I finally went to Boots to get one. I was looking for an affordable eyeliner under £10 and this one suited perfectly. However, I was very disappointed when I used it. The pen lies handy but the felt tip is as hard as a toothpick. The texture is dry and won’t come out easily so you have to push it hard against your skin to make the liquid come out which hurt my eyelid. Because the texture is so dry, you can’t draw a perfect flick in one go and you have to draw it step by step. The colour doesn't spread evenly so you have to apply a few layers and you end up with smudges. Sadly, the eyeliner doesn’t last very long, too. After one hour the intensity had already faded and it looked smudged. I tried the eyeliner for a couple of weeks and thought the initial problem would solve itself when using the eyeliner more often and make the liquid more applicable. Nothing changed and I got annoyed by the daily hurtful application, so it went into the bin after 3 weeks.

Benecos Natural Liquid Eyeliner*, £5.95. This one uses an applicator instead of a felt tip. It lies handy but the actual tip is a bit stiff and can't hold enough liquid to do a flick in one go. You have to stop mid-way and refresh the applicator, which can end in untidy results if you’re inexperienced with this kind of eyeliner. However, the intensity was great and created a very sexy finish. My eyes looked bigger and it lasted all day without any loss of the colour. Though the line you draw with the applicator is thicker than with a felt tip based eyeliner, I really liked the dramatic effect it gave to my eyes. It also works well in combination with eyeshadow and applies a very smooth finish.

Rimmel London ScandalEyes Precision Eyeliner, £5.50. I had this one for a long while now and it still draws smooth lines each time I use it. The pen is easy to hold which allows a precise application. The felt tip is soft and there’s no unpleasant feel at any time. The liquid spreads evenly and draws finely, so you can draw a perfect flick in one go. However, the liquid takes a bit of time to dry and leaves marks on your upper lid if you have a hidden one like me. The intensity wears off towards the end of the day, so you have to renew it. Overall I’m very pleased with this eyeliner as it lasts for a long time and it works well on eyeshadow, too.

Eyeko London, £12. This one has a very soft felt tip and spreads the liquid evenly. The texture is smooth with a great intensity, which is perfect from start to finish. You can easily draw your line in one go and the dramatic effect lasts all day without wearing off. However, there isn't much liquid in the eyeliner, so the longest my one lasted was around three months. Personally, this is my favourite but I have to admit it is pricey for the fact, that you can’t use it for as long as e.g. the Rimmel London. The Eyeko comes now and again as a freebie with Glamour or Company magazine for £2, which is a bargain.

Intensity After Application

Liquid eyeliner intensity

Intensity After 1h

liquid eyeliner intensity after an hour
what's the best liquid eyeliner? review and suggestions

I'm quite pleased that most of the products I've tested were of good quality for their price. Which one is your favourite eyeliner or disappointed you?

Thanks so much for reading and till next time, 

*PR sample.

Vintage Shopping In Birmingham

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Vintage Shopping in Birmingham Judy's Vintage Fair

I'm not sure if you remember but I posted a fashion opinion on this old thing, including my views and relationship to vintage clothing, last week and I mentioned how excited I was to visit the Vintage Kilo Sale in Birmingham. So, yesterday was the day to unleash my inner Dawn O'Porter and to (hopefully) snap up some vintage bargains.

The Vintage Kilo Sale is a fair with over five tonnes of vintage clothes and accessories. You pay a £3 entrance fee and then you can take whatever you want. At the end of your 'shopping', you weigh your bargains and pay £15 for every kilo you take out from the fair. Sounds great, doesn't it? With all the recent hype about vintage, I thought I should give it a try and who knew what I might find in this treasure trove of vintage delights? I might unearth a designer piece or a quality leather bag.

So Saturday was the day and I made my way over to The Custard Factory, Birmingham's creative quarter where you literally find one vintage shop next to another - the perfect location for such a fair. The event started at 11 am and I arrived a few minutes beforehand and got in the queue. People were already nervous and pushing aggressively like they would miss out on something. I had a gut feeling but I usually tend to prejudge things before I've even tried them. So I stayed positive to not be disappointed too quickly and I really wanted to give this experiment a try.

Vintage shopping in Birmingham
Vintage Kilo Sale Birmingham

I know many people love vintage and I hope you won't hate me for saying this, but I didn't enjoy it at all. The atmosphere wasn't right for me and there were a few things that really put me off. Some people were rude. They pushed the queue and the subsequent squeezing-off in a battle of "who goes in there first" was very stressful. Whilst I paid my £3 and the member of staff looked for change, an impatient girl behind me came really close. She pushed me to the side and literally pressed her money in the staff's hand so that she could enter the fair. Later, people would ignore you, push you away from the rails and behave completely crazy.

Vintage Shopping Birmingham
Judy's Affordable Vintage Sale

In that scenario, I went over to the rails that were free and had a look through the clothes. Some of the stuff was so random, like these old costumes, and the 80's style was extremely dominant. I'm a child of the 80's and no thanks, I don't want to relive this era fashion-wise ever again. Some fashion and I mean in particular shoulder pads, have a reason why they never made a comeback in my wardrobe.

Anyway, the fair also had mouldy handbags and a little jewellery section. I had a quick look through the pieces and didn't find anything that caught my eye. I think I'm not vintage experienced enough to distinguish between real vintage and junk.

Vintage Kilo Sale Birmingham
Vintage Kilo Sale Birmingham
Vintage Kilo Sale Birmingham Junk Jewellery
Vintage junk fashion

Please don't get me wrong. There are nice vintage shops, like BS8 on Park Street in Bristol and I love Brick Lane and Portobello Road Market in London, but this one felt like a massive jumble sale. Some of the clothes looked ridiculous and were so wrecked and in poor condition, I would never even dream of to offer them to anyone. Some smelt horrible and were dirty.

I remembered what Dawn said about clothes which need a bit of love to shine, so I focused on the potential to see the bigger picture. Dawn always raved about the great quality of vintage clothes, but as hard as I tried I couldn't find it here. I know finding treasure takes time but this kind of 'bargain hunting' felt super weird. The material and fabrics of some clothes were greasy and didn't feel special at all. Others had cigarette holes and stains of indefinable liquids splashed all over. Yuck! I was extremely put off when I found a dress with bird poo on it. That was the moment I left.

Vintage Fair Birmingham

Vintage Shop Cow In Digbeth

I left empty-handed after 30 minutes and was disappointed. Should I've tried harder? This wasn't how I wanted to end my experiment and on my way back to the Bullring, I popped into a vintage store called Cow. It looked so much more fun and inviting than the fair. I had a look through their range and nearly bought a leather bag in Longchamp's Le Pliage style.

Cow Vintage Shop Birmingham
Cow Digbeth Vintage Fashion Shop in Birmingham
Cow Digbeth in Birmingham Vintage Shop

I hope I haven't upset or offended anyone, I'm just very honest and direct about my experience and I feel it hasn't worked out very well. I'm sure there are great vintage fairs and shops out there which I haven't discovered yet and I shouldn't be put off by one single disappointing experience.

Actually, this has helped me to understand my shopping behaviour more and vintage is still a field that I definitely like to explore outside of but I'm massively put off by smelly junk. I've realised I'm more of a high street shopper because I like the neat and tidy layout of shops and clean clothes. I do like looking and finding bargains but rummaging in containers is not my style. I value the appeal of vintage to own an individual quality piece but I'm inexperienced and can't decide whether I have a true vintage item in front of me or just cheap junk.

Am I a hopeless case? What do you reckon? What's your vintage experience or do you prefer the high street? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,
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