O' Zapft Is. The Oktober Fest in Munich Has Started

Dirndl Fashion Oktoberfest

I thought it's time to do a national pride fashion post and what would be better than to show you a traditional German dress from Bavaria? Don't worry, Germans do not dress like this all year, only for the October Beer Festival, the biggest national celebration in the world. Between the 20th September and 5th October, Germans gather together and go fashion crazy on the famous Wiesn in Munich.

Dirndl Fashion Munich Oktoberfest Dirndlfest

The October Beer Festival has spread to other cities but Munich remains THE hot spot. The Wiesn where the October Festival takes place is a massive funfair with tents and it is all about drinking and seen and be seen. In the day you drink beer and at night, it turns into the biggest single market that you can imagine. You can dance the night away or spot celebrities.

The Dress Code: Men Wear Leather Trousers, Girls Wear Dirndl

The dress code is typical Bavarian: men wear a crisp white shirt with leather trousers and a chic Bavarian hat. Girls wear a Dirndl, which is made of a blouse, dress and separate apron. The way you tie your apron's bow will show others your relationship status: single (left), in a relationship (right), virgin (middle), widow (back).

Usually, Dirndls are very colourful with typical Bavarian ornaments and patterns. Tartan is very common and accessory-wise you team your dress with pretzels, anything that has to do with hunting (e.g. deer, stag, antlers), blue tartan bows as the representation for Bavaria or Edelweiss (an alpine herbal flower). Girls also have braids in their hair which makes the whole appearance look very cliché German.

Oktoberfest Bayern Tracht
Bayern Dirndl Dirndlfest

I've never been to the Festival, simply because I haven't had a dress. Until now. the low-budget fashion brand Dirndlfest kindly gifted me my very first Dirndl*. Unfortunately, the brand no longer exists but I still want to show you my traditional Bavarian dress. My Dirndl came with a heart necklace to give my outfit the ultimate Bavarian finish. The blouse fits perfectly and the dress is a bit large, simply because I haven't got much of a cleavage. I love the lace detail and the quality of the fabric. The outfit makes me feel super stylish and prepared to hit the Wiesn.

Dirndl Bayern Oktoberfest Munich fashion

If you haven't found a Dirndl for the Wiesn yet, you should have a look at Dirndlfest's website. They have some super cute and sexy dresses in every colour, currently with a 50% discount plus matching accessories. Their delivery was super fast and your Dirndl is with you within two days. 

I've decided on this chic black and forest green Dirndl because it looks sophisticated and can be worn during the day and at night time. Classic heels give the outfit a timeless touch.

Here's What I'm Wearing:

Dirndl: Dirndlfest (season 2014, 70€*)
Shoes: Jane Norman (season 2014 £25)
Necklace: Dirndlfest (season 2014, 10€)

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

*PR Sample

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