Design Your Own Magnum At Selfridges In London #MagnumxSelfridges

Magnum Selfridges

I have a very delicious lunch break treat for you in today's post. Yesterday I strolled casually around London and stopped at Selfridges to take pictures of their beautifully decorated window. The massive Magnum caught my eye so I took several shots and noticed that Magnum invited shoppers to the Ground Floor of the luxurious department store to enjoy a very special treat.

Magnum Pop-Up London
How to design your own Magnum
Magnum pop-Up Selfridges

The Magnum Pop Up Store At Selfridges

During the Olympics two years ago, Magnum had a pop-up store at Westfield in Stratford. The store at Selfridges is very similar, though bigger and truly amazing! It has lots of space and Magnum is everywhere. The spacious bar provides countless choices for toppings and there's a screen showing delicious ice cream variations. The staff is extremely chillaxed and friendly. Queuing takes around 20-45mins so bring a bit of time with you when you visit the Magnum experience.

Magnum ice cream experience
Magnum screen
Magnum Selfridges screen
Magnum screen ice cream variations
Magnum ice cream

How to create your Magnum

You can choose either a blank vanilla or caramel ice cream, then it will be dunked into white, milk or dark chocolate and covered with three toppings of your choice. For £4.50 you can create your own Magnum and enjoy the atmosphere amongst other ice cream lovers.

Magnum ice cream bar London
Magnum ice cream toppings
Magnum toppings
Magnum toppings London
Magnum coating
Magnum at selfridges London
Magnum logo

Your Magnum Could Look Like This

Magnum customised ice cream
Magnum ice cream personalised with toppings

So, if you are in London and you are not at Selfridges, then you are in the wrong place. Head over to the department store at Oxford Street as the store will only be there until the end of the month (30 August). You'll find the Magnum room at the Ground Floor at Selfridges, Oxford Street. If you come from Marble Arch direction, the room is just on the corner. If you come from Bond Street direction Magnum is on the other end of the store so you'll have to make your way through the beauty and handbag section.

DIY Magnum

Have you been to the Magnum Experience at Selfridges yet? Did you see the pop-up store in 2012 at Westfield? What do you think of customised ice cream?

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

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