Disney Films Alice In Wonderland 2 in Gloucester

Alice in Wonderland 2 filming in Gloucester

A Disney film crew shot scenes for the new 'Alice in Wonderland 2: Through the Looking Glass' movie in Gloucester last night. Unfortunately, Tim Burton will not direct the sequel but Mia WasikowskaJohnny Depp and Anne Hathaway reprise their roles in the extravagant adaptation of Lewis Carroll's novel. Mia Wasikowska, who plays the lead role as Alice, was spotted on set filming probably the opening scene of the film.

Gloucester Quays Film Location
Gloucester Quays Disney Film Location

A Busy Film Crew In The Quays

A few weeks ago, a film crew shot scenes for the new 'Star Wars' film at Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean, which is not too far away from where I live. This region is very popular for the film industry and even Gloucester is known to many as the film location for the Harry Potter movies. Now the Quays in Gloucester are becoming a hot spot for movies, too. This time the iconic buildings of the harbourside in the Quays, Biddle and Llanthon Warehouse, will make their cinema debut in the new Disney 'Alice in Wonderland 2: Through the Looking Glass' franchise.

Earlier this week I've noticed ships sailing into Gloucester Quays but I assumed it would have been part of a tourist attraction, as the Quays are so busy with visitors at the moment. Apparently, all the preparation went into creating a film set. Last night (18 August 2014 between 7-10pm) I went through the Quays and it was filled with people, extras and a lot of smoke. A smoke machine created an eerie and mysterious atmosphere which I think will look stunning in the film. A 19th-century horse carriage went past me and I saw the massive trailers and film cranes all around the harbourside. I thought it might be a BBC period drama production, but it turned out to be Disney/Hollywood!

Rumour has it that Johnny Depp was spotted in Cheltenham, but I'm not so sure about this. Given the fact that the famous actor plays the Mad Hatter in the film (which is a character from the fantasy world of the Wonderland), and the crew were most likely shooting the opening scene (which plays in Alice's reality).

Sadly, I've missed all the main action which was happening last night (I went, ironically, to the cinema to watch Skylight), but I've made a few pictures of the film set, which will be there for another two days. The film will be released in 2016. Hope you'll enjoy!

Disney filiming Alice in Wonderland
Film set Gloucester Disney
Gloucester Quays Filming location for Disney
Alice Through The Looking Glass Film Location
Film Location for Disney Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland 2 Filimging Set in Gloucester

Quite exciting don't you think? What do you think about the Alice in Wonderland 2: Through the Looking Glass film set? Are you looking forward to the film in 2016? Have you ever been in a film as a spare?

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

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