Tried And Tested. SheInside Review

SheInside review

You've probably heard about, the popular online shop with incredible clothes at affordable prices. Their stunning outfits and clothes are literally found on any decent fashion blog - you just can't escape this on-trend website in the blogger-sphere.

Anyway, I've spent a while silently watching the online shop and lusting over some dresses and their luring prices. Through a recent, very upsetting online rip off on jewellery I got careful with buying from the internet and check now more than twice if it is worth buying online or not. So, I researched and came across numerous disappointing reviews, ranging from 'the clothes are cheap quality' via 'the clothes have weird sizes' to 'the parcel never arrived, my money is gone and the customer service only replies in broken English'. Great - clearly a sign to stay away.

However, my curiosity had no limits so I spent more time on reading reviews and voilà, also came across positive and recent reviews. I found a compromise with my inner self and ordered two dresses for only £20 from their website. It's basically one dress but in two sizes as I wasn't sure about the measurements which were given online. So in the case of a scam, the financial loss wouldn't have been too painful.

The Ordering Process works like any other online shop. You place your order, set up an online account with them and pay via PayPal. Quick and easy. You can then see and follow the status of your order, which comes with free tracking.

It took over a week for Sheinside to update the status of my order. During that time the information provided only said 'processing'. I got slightly worried, but in hindsight Sheinside is a shop that receives most of their stock from China, so long waiting times were inevitable. I received a confirmation a week later that my order has been shipped and a tracking number. The package arrived on the 25th July, so overall it took two weeks, which I think was fine and quick.

SheInside cut out dress

The Dress: Black Cut Out Chiffon Mini Dress

I've seen the dress on a few fashion blogs and loved it straight away. I think the cutout feature around the neckline is unusual and extremely stylish. If you are tall (like me) the dress is rather short, however, size small sits very comfortably. It feels light and summery. If only it wasn't that short! I probably have to wear it with tights or mid-length leggings and will combine it with a leather jacket for cooler days. I've styled it with a Mango belt for the pictures.

SheInside cut out dress review
SheInside clothes

In general, I'm quite pleased with my purchase. The dress looks great, the fabric is ok. I would compare it to Primark quality and for that price, it is totally fine by me. However, I still feel a bit reserved about hauling their website, as the negative reviews and my experience echo in my head.

Have you ordered from SheInsde yet? What was your experience? If you've blogged about it, leave me your links in the comment section. Oh and let me know what you think of the dress.

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

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