Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Disney Films Alice In Wonderland 2 in Gloucester

Alice in Wonderland 2 filming in Gloucester

A Disney film crew shot scenes for the new 'Alice in Wonderland 2: Through the Looking Glass' movie in Gloucester last night. Unfortunately, Tim Burton will not direct the sequel but Mia WasikowskaJohnny Depp and Anne Hathaway reprise their roles in the extravagant adaptation of Lewis Carroll's novel. Mia Wasikowska, who plays the lead role as Alice, was spotted on set filming probably the opening scene of the film.

Gloucester Quays Film Location
Gloucester Quays Disney Film Location

A Busy Film Crew Visits Gloucester Quays

A few weeks ago, a film crew shot scenes for the new 'Star Wars' film at Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean, which is not too far away from where I live. This region is very popular for the film industry and even Gloucester is known to many as the film location for the Harry Potter movies. Now the Quays in Gloucester are becoming a hot spot for movies, too. This time the iconic buildings of the harbourside in the Quays, Biddle and Llanthon Warehouse, will make their cinema debut in the new Disney 'Alice in Wonderland 2: Through the Looking Glass' franchise.

Earlier this week I've noticed ships sailing into Gloucester Quays but I assumed it would have been part of a tourist attraction, as the Quays are so busy with visitors at the moment. Apparently, all the preparation went into creating a film set. Last night (18 August 2014 between 7-10pm) I went through the Quays and it was filled with people, extras and a lot of smoke. A smoke machine created an eerie and mysterious atmosphere which I think will look stunning in the film. A 19th-century horse carriage went past me and I saw the massive trailers and film cranes all around the harbourside. I thought it might be a BBC period drama production, but it turned out to be Disney/Hollywood!

Rumour has it that Johnny Depp was spotted in Cheltenham, but I'm not so sure about this. Given the fact that the famous actor plays the Mad Hatter in the film (which is a character from the fantasy world of the Wonderland), and the crew were most likely shooting the opening scene (which plays in Alice's reality).

Sadly, I've missed all the main action which was happening last night (I went, ironically, to the cinema to watch Skylight), but I've made a few pictures of the film set, which will be there for another two days. The film is said to be released in 2016.

Disney filiming Alice in Wonderland
Film set Gloucester Disney
Gloucester Quays Filming location for Disney
Alice Through The Looking Glass Film Location
Film Location for Disney Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland 2 Filimging Set in Gloucester

Quite exciting don't you think? What do you think about the Alice in Wonderland 2: Through the Looking Glass film set? Are you looking forward to the film in 2016? Have you ever been in a film as a spare?

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Dog Treats For Dogs (And Humans)

Jarvis King dog

In June I was dog-sitting Jarvis, our family labradoodle. He is a handsome chocolate coloured life-sized Teddy bear with a very gentle and kind character. Last time when he saw me working on a blog post, Jarvis seemed very fascinated by it. 

I told him that people read and like my blog and sometimes I get nice things sent to review. He asked me 'Do you think people would like me to do a post?' and I said 'Yes sure, people are fascinated when they meet you in public, so why not give it a try ?'.

Said and done. I wrote a polite pitch to some pet brands explaining that my dog and I were looking for some support for the post. Pooch & Mutt and Salty Dog replied and kindly gifted some products to us to try out and review. We both had no idea what to expect and how this blog post will turn out in the end.

Testing Delicious Treats: Salty Dog*

Salty Dog crisps

I found Salty Dog after an online search and I liked their website a lot with their comic dog mascot and pet-friendly jargon to navigate the site. They won a Cool Brands Award in 2012/2013 and I found the product, crisps for dogs, intriguing and thought this might be an unusual pet snack. 

Usually, crisps are a no-go for dogs, as the salt somehow gives them a chemical imbalance and the potatoes affect their digestive nervous and urinary systems. I was under the impression that these crisps were designed for dogs, so my pitch about us looking for some dog products went straight to Salty Dog's email address.

After a few days, Jarvis and I received various crisps samples. We had a range of different flavours to chose from, e.g. sea salt, ham and wholegrain mustard, sweet chilli, jalapeno and coriander, flame-grilled steak. So we opened the grilled steak sample first and the wrapper rustled nicely, which attracted Jarvis's attention immediately. It took less than a minute for him to have his nose stuck into the packaging. I can't blame him for that as the crisps smelled delicious.

Jarvis labradoodle dog and crisps
Jarvis labradoodle and his treats
Don't give your dog crisps
Salty Dog crisps and Jarvis

I tried the sweet chilli sample and liked the crunchy texture and flavour of the crisps, though the snack was slightly greasy and a look at the nutrition table revealed that they were not the healthiest. Anyway, whilst I was munching one crisp after another my family joined me and we recognised that Jarvis was gone for a good 30 minutes. 

We found him in our stream, drinking the water hastily and this was the first time since I reached out to Salty Dog and my pitch stating that I was looking for a pet product, that I realised those crisps might not be for dogs, but for humans (!!).

My family had a look at the website and checked. The crisps were indeed crisps for humans which was an awkward and embarrassing moment for me. My family found the whole incident hilarious and it made them laugh at me for the entire afternoon, which is fair enough. I'm always happy to contribute to everyone's entertainment. Jarvis luckily didn't have any funny reactions and we all sat down later in the evening to finish the samples and started laughing all over again when thinking about the misunderstanding. What a great start to a blog post and story to tell!

Salty Dog crisps are not for dogs, but for humans. They are very rich in (artificial) flavour and probably not the healthiest snack, but they'll definitely guarantee a fun family time. You can get their hand-cooked crisps online at a price of £19.20 for a box set of 30 x 40g.

Proper Dog Treats: Pooch & Mutt*

Pooch & Mutt are DEFINITELY a pet brand, just to avoid another embarrassing misunderstanding. I found them through Twitter and their products have been awarded a European Design Award for their practical, but decorative tube packaging. The brand responded within a few days and sent two tubes of their Charity Chicken and Brain & Train snack.

There are 150 gluten-free, hand-baked mini-bone treats per package. Made of chicken and mixed herbs with no added sugar or salt, this is a low calorie and healthy supplement for Jarvis.

Pooch & Mutt dog treats
Pooch and Mutt treats and my dog Jarvis
Greedy dog eating little dog treats and biscuits
Pooch & Mutt dog treats review and my dog approves

As you can see, he absolutely loves those biscuits. Whenever I shake the tube, Jarvis comes running to me as he knows exactly what this rattling noise means: a delicious treat for him. The use of natural ingredients won’t harm his delicate digestive system and I feel that I'm giving him the right snack to enjoy in between his main meals. 

Though the bones are a bit small for such a big boy, the package lasted for a while. We still have some Brain & Train bones made of Ginkgo biloba and coconut oil to support memory and concentration, leftover. So no more crisps :)

You'll find the colourful Pooch & Mutt tubes at Waitrose for £2.99 and the range includes a great selection of healthy treats, f.ex a parsley-based version for fresh breath or chamomile bones to calm and relax your dog. The brand has also launched a new range of grain-free foods.

Jarvis and I had a fun time working on this post, as we didn't expect such an outcome. I hope you've enjoyed reading today's piece as much as we did review the products.

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Carolin & Jarvis

*PR sample. Thank you so much, Woof!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Design Your Own Magnum At Selfridges In London

Magnum Selfridges

I have a very delicious lunch break treat for you in today's post. Yesterday I strolled casually around London and stopped at Selfridges to take pictures of their beautifully decorated window. The massive Magnum caught my eye so I took several shots and noticed that Magnum invited shoppers to the Ground Floor of the luxurious department store to enjoy a very special treat.

Magnum Pop-Up London
How to design your own Magnum
Magnum pop-Up Selfridges

The Magnum Pop Up Store Experience At Selfridges

During the Olympics two years ago, Magnum had a pop-up store at Westfield in Stratford. The store at Selfridges is very similar, though bigger and truly amazing! It has lots of space and Magnum is everywhere. 

The spacious bar provides countless choices for toppings and there's a screen showing delicious ice cream variations. The staff is extremely chillaxed and friendly. Queuing takes around 20-45mins so bring a bit of time with you when you visit the Magnum experience.

Magnum ice cream experience
Magnum screen
Magnum ice cream Selfridges screen
Magnum screen ice cream variations
Magnum ice cream

Creating Your Own Bespoke Magnum Ice Cream

You can choose either a blank vanilla or caramel ice cream, then it will be dunked into white, milk or dark chocolate and covered with three toppings of your choice. For £4.50 you can create your own Magnum and enjoy the atmosphere amongst other ice cream lovers.

Magnum ice cream bar London
Magnum ice cream toppings
Magnum ice cream bar toppings in london
Magnum toppings London
Magnum delicious coating and topping bar
Magnum experience at selfridges London
Magnum logo at Selfridges London

And Here Are My Own Magnum Designs

Magnum customised ice cream
Magnum ice cream personalised with toppings

So, if you are in London and you are not at Selfridges, then you are in the wrong place. Head over to the department store at Oxford Street as the store will only be there until the end of the month (30 August). 

You'll find the Magnum Experience at the Ground Floor at Selfridges, Oxford Street. If you come from Marble Arch direction, the room is just on the corner. If you come from Bond Street direction Magnum is on the other end of the store so you'll have to make your way through the beauty and handbag section.

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