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Lifestyle: Three Top Colours For Gorgeous Summer Nails

Nail Varnish beauty

I'm not so much of a beauty person, but I have a very weak spot when it comes to nail polishes. And I mean a very, very weak spot. It all started with a Nails Inc freebie back in November 2011 and since then my stock developed into a hoard. Summer is my favourite time of the year and I'd like to show you my favourite picks for the season. What else goes better with your swim or festival wear than a gorgeous paint on your nails?

|Prepare Your Nails|

1. For healthy looking nails, clip them first, then smooth with a special six-way nail file and bring them into shape. I'm using a pair of clippers from Clyppi and a Boots nail file.
2. Apply a base coat. I'm using Boots nail hardener solution (£4.20). It is a clear polish, dries within seconds and applies a nice glossy finish to your nails.
3. Choose your colour and depending on how well it covers apply one to two coats.
4. Let the polish dry and finish with a clear top coat. Remove surplus paint on nail edges with a cotton bud and nail polish remover.

|Beach Queen: Binky Gold Rush*, 12ml £4.95|

Binky Gold Rush nail varnish

Binky is a London-based nail varnish brand and their Gold Rush is a sparkly polish with a creamy and rich texture. When I applied the polish, it covered my nails evenly in one go. The brush is thicker than usual but it made the application process easy and neat. The polish dried within a few minutes. I wore it for four days, without any chipping or losing its sparkle. After that, it slowly started to go and I struggled a bit to remove it completely.

The small and big golden particles create a stunning 3D look with the perfect beach gloss. I’d team it with a glowing summer tan and a black bikini to sparkle at the beach in the day and at the after sun pool party at night.

|Festival Spirit: Benecos Mighty Orange*, 9ml £6.95|

Mighty Orange Benecos Nail Varnish

Not only is ‘orange the new black’, it is also the must-have colour of the season. Orange is full of vibrant energy, life and creativity so it wants to make a statement and be expressive. I wore Beneco's Mighty Orange polish at Wireless Festival because it reflects all attributes summer and festivals stand for: fun, life, passion.

This very warm orange shade is intense and I applied two coats to cover my nails evenly. The polish has a super glossy finish and is free of any odour. It was easy to apply and lasted forever. Even after five days, including Wireless Festival, my nails looked gorgeous.

Benecos is a German beauty brand and won a prestigious ├ľko-Test logo. All their nail polishes are vegan, meaning they are without any formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, phthalates and colophony. I love this colour so much and it has very quickly become my favourite.

|Summer Breeze: Nails Inc Lexington Gardens*, 8ml £14|

Nails Inc Lexington Gardens nail varnish

This fabulous colour brings a delicate touch of soft lilac to the nails. When I first applied it, I didn't really like it that much, but it has grown on me a lot during the past few days. The shade is eye-catching but in a sophisticated way. It is not too colourful and looks classy. It reminds me of early summer days in May and June. I wear it with a simple plain black or white dress and it goes well with nude tones, too. Perfect for a summer wedding. The only downside: the square cap looks stylish but is very impractical, plus the polish chipped after two days, so I had to renew it on two nails. It stayed ever since and looks very glossy.

Thank you so much for reading today's post. Hope you've enjoyed it. What is your ultimate summer nail varnish? Do you like any of these? What's your favourite nail polish brand?

Till next time and let me know which colour is your favourite.

xx Caz xx

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