Shopping In Cardiff. The Sales Season Is On!!!

Cardiff Summer Sale Fashion

Have you seen this sign on the High Street yet? It means good news. The sale season is on, so finally we can buy that dress we had our eyes set on for ages or bag a new watch and find other amazing deals. I went bargain hunting in Cardiff the other day and spent most of my time wandering around the shops, bagging bargains such as a dress and pair of earrings. A trip to the cinema at the end of a long shopping day was well deserved.

Cardiff High Street
Changing room Fashion

First Stop: Urban Outfitters

UO has some beautiful clothes at the moment and I was literally waiting every day for the sale to come on. When I went in around lunchtime, the store was dead. Perfect conditions to look at all the reduced skirts, dresses and lacy shirts. I ended up with some outfits, including some dresses (I was looking at white lacey ones in particular), a shirt and skirt combination and I bought a watch.

I saw this dress and thought it might look better on me than on the hanger. What do you think? I can't remember the price reduction and it is not listed online.

Floral dress Urban Outfitters
Pins & Needles reduced from £69 to £35

I saw a white dress in London last week and was in love with the delicate lace and fine material. However, when I put it on, I wasn't sure about it, as it looked a bit like a nightgown on me. I think it makes a great basic and can be styled with some basic accessories.

White lace dress Urban Outfitters
Pins & Needles, reduced from £58 to £35

Love this white lacey dress and bought it. During my car burglary in 2012, I lost my Jane Norman white lace dress. Ever since I've been keeping my eyes open for a replacement and I think this one will do a good job :) Might wear it for Wireless Festival in Birmingham next month.

Now comes a skirt and shirt combination. Both items were reduced to £15 and I was unsure about the skirt. I thought if I'd really want it, I could go back to OU later in the day, which I didn't. I'm so gutted about the skirt as you can't get it online. Do you think the skirt suits me or had it been a good decision to not get it?

Sale Urban Outfitters shirt and skirt

All items are currently in the sale. You can't buy the skirt online, which I feel gutted about. Bit of a missed opportunity, but nevermind. I made a great bargain with a leather watch that has a face of an old world map. It was reduced from £24 to £10.

Second Stop: Primark

Cardiff finally has a new Primark. The old one was truly dreadful! Messy hangers and aisles, no space and far too many people squeezed themselves into the shop. Now you have lots of space, neat and tidy aisles and a massive bag and shoe section on the second floor. It reminded me very much of the Primark standard in Oxford Street (Tottenham Court Road).

Cardiff Primark
Primark in Cardiff

Not in the sale, but have a look what I've found:

Bright orange high heels from Primark

I think a bright orange is the absolute trend colour this summer. These caught my eye immediately and I had to try them on. I never bought Primark shoes and was surprised how comfy they were. They came £9.

How cute are these polka dot high heels from Primark?

Polka Dot heels Primark

Spotted a similar pair in the current Grazia issue, so black and white stripy shoes might become a trend.

Striped High Heels Primark

Third Stop: Zara

By the time I reached Zara, the store looked like a battlefield. Messy tables and clothes everywhere. My shopping euphoria dropped a bit as there was a constant heavy perfume smell in the air. I wasn't sure if I should stay and look for something of interest or if I should leave and continue my tour. Luckily I stayed and found a delicate pair of chandelier earrings, reduced from £16.99 to £9.99.

Chandelier Earrings Zara

Some search later, I also discovered this skater dress. I love the colour but, unsure again if it will suit me or if it will make me look unnecessarily young. Reduced from £45.99 to £35.99.

Orange Skater Dress Zara

Fourth Stop: New Look

A white tunic is a festival must-have, so I've tried this one for £19.99. It looked great from the front but had a lower cut on the back, which was a bit weird. I've also seen more coin necklaces. If you haven't got one yet, you should read my post about summer's hottest must-have in my coin necklace post. The tunic and the necklace were not in the sale.

White New Look Tunic
Coin Necklace New Look
Coin Necklace, Reborn available in New Look, £7.99

More Sales...

Dorothy Perkins Handbag
Blue Pastel bag, Dorothy Perkins. Reduced from £18 to £10.

And Finally....Time To See A Film

Cardiff Cineworld Cinema

After 5h of shopping, I relaxed seeing the brilliant film 'The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet'. What a wonderful movie.

Hope you've enjoyed today's blog post. When are you hitting the High Street for the sales or do you shop entirely online? Let me know!

Oh and just in case, my bag is a Mischa Barton cross-body satchel (via ASOS £30, sales summer season 2013).

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

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