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My First Ever Fashion Show. Birmingham International Fashion Week

Birmingham Fashion Week

Earlier this month, I went to Birmingham International Fashion Week and sat in the famous front row. I've finally found some time to write the post so here it comes. Note: this is a loooooooooong post.

It was the second Birmingham International Fashion Week at the Banqueting Suite in Birmingham City and I went to see it. It was held on a Friday and Saturday night and it was my very first time attending an actual fashion show. With absolutely no clue what to expect, I got very excited and the evening was packed with different shows, networking sessions and competitions. Left with so many impressions, it is hard to leave out details so I won’t spare you from any! 

Opening Champagne Reception At The Banqueting Suite Birmingham City

I arrived shortly after 6pm and alongside with a glass of champagne I received a ‘gold’ gift bag, filled with some beauty products, a fizzy drink called ‘Skinny’ and a red leather phone case by beyzacases, which is, unfortunately, too small for my Nexus, but I’ll keep it as a reminder of the event. 

The main hall at the Banqueting Suite was transformed into a runway. It was absolutely amazing, having a catwalk in the middle of a baroque-style hall with those delicate chandeliers hanging from an elaborate ceiling. It was a very beautiful and stunning setting which left me impressed. My excitement would further rise when I took my seat in between other fashionistas (90% were females) and fashion bloggers at the famous front row, which was surrounded by photographers.

The entire event was presented by the lovely Frankie McCamley, who wore a black leather skater dress crafted by one of the showcasing designers.

Birmingham Fashion Week 2014

First Fashion Show Rad Fashion

Rad Fashion, a new fashion label, opened the evening. Six models presented the small collection of dresses, which I found ok, but not massively overwhelming. I was more impressed by the camera flashes and turning heads that followed every step of the model on the catwalk. Just when I focused on the designs again, the show was over. A bit too short for my taste, but I’ve never been to a fashion show before so maybe that’s how it is ?!?

MLA London (Make-Up London Academy) And Second Fashion Show Chatea Boutique

After the first show, a make-up demonstration followed. Two beauty artists from MLA London presented their techniques on how to create the perfect Smokey Eyes look in a few minutes.

The second show, by the Newcastle UponTyne-based label Chateau Boutique, brought more glamour and glitz onto the catwalk. I liked the clothes more than Rad Fashion, but, as before, the collection was limited to only a few outfits and finished after just eight designs. The models were the same as before, and one nearly fell over. I particularly liked this glittery, silver dress and the last outfit, a short, sexy but sophisticated dotted dress.

Chateau Butique Fashion Show

Face of the World And Third Fashion Show Khloe Nova

This modelling competition brought all the national and international models on stage that made it to the final round. It took nearly 40 minutes to present all the finalists and to move on with the next fashion show. The designer came on stage and chatted briefly with Frankie about her new collection. Afterwards, some outfits - mostly lacy inspired - were presented on the catwalk.

Khloe Nova Fashion Show Birmingham
Fashion Show Birmingham

Networking Event & Break

Time for some networking and I went to have my picture taken with Miss Birmingham Rachel who is a charming and wonderful lady.

Miss Birmingham Rachel Barker
Fashion Networking event at the Birmingham Fashion Week event

Fourth Fashion Show Sofia Dourvari

Greek designer Sofia presented her collection of wedding inspired dresses. Sofia was very cute when she came on stage and chatted to Frankie. Frankie's leather skater dress with an embellished belt was designed by Sofia.

Sofia Dourvari fashion show
Fashion show Birmingham
Sofia Dourvari fashion show at Birmingham Fashion Week

Face of the World And Fifth Fashion Show House of Borgezie

The model competition announced the winners. The Birmingham-based label House of Borgezie presented its Kate collection (named after the Duchess of Cambridge) with elaborate jewellery on the catwalk.

House of Borgezie fashion jewellery show
Jewellery fashion show at Birmingham
Jewellery designs at Birmingham Fashion Week

Ending Birmingham International Fashion Week

The event finished with a raffle draw and have a guess who the lucky winner was? 


I won a voucher for my next hairdressing with Francesco's and the most stylish Birmingham Fashion Week visitor got also selected.

Birmingham Fashion Week Goody bag

I had a great time and will definitely come back next year. Have you been to a fashion show before?

Thanks so much for reading,

Till next time, 

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