Accessory Trend 2014. Coin Necklaces

Coin Necklaces Fashion in the magazines

Money will literally become our main fashion companion in 2014. As seen in Madame magazine recently, Dolce & Gabbana are bringing back Greek style this season and envision coins as THE fashion accessory of 2014. Coins will no longer hide in our wallets and pockets but will be worn as hair jewellery, golden arm candy or sparkle as shiny necklaces around our necks.

I'm delighted to see that coins as an exclusive luxury item at the designer fashion shows will soon become available to the High Street. Taking a closer look at our shops, I spotted the following fashion items:

Simple and Cheap: Primark Coin Necklace £5

Primark Coin necklace

Chunky and Statement Forever 21 Coin Necklace £14.90

Forever 21 coin necklace

New Look, £5.99 and Reborn £7.99

New Look coin necklace
Reborn coin necklace

Freedom At Topshop £13

Freedom at Topshop coin necklace

What do you think of coin necklaces? Love or hate and which one would you get from the High Street?

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