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Fill Your House For Free DIY Bath Tub Seat

Unlike the interior design show ‘Hollywood Me’, Channel 4’s ‘Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free’ is more vintage style orientated and contains a lot of DIY work. Kirstie Allsopp and her team show the nation how easy and simple it can be to make stylish and highly individual furniture yourself without paying any money.

In the show, the material for unusual free pieces lies practically on your doorstep, is hidden in sheds or can be found in house clearances, on waste disposal sites and the Internet. Unwanted furniture are polished, recycled and designed....there are literally no boundaries to your creativity and imagination. Kirstie and her team do not only refurbish desperate couple's flats, but they also collect the best items and showcase them in a pop-up shop in Miller Street in Glasgow, where anyone can come in and take away furniture for free. Awesome! Some of the most interesting ideas from the show are listed below:

- If you have refurbished your old bathroom recently, then lucky you! Don't throw away your bathtub, because you can reuse it and turn it into stylish reading chairs. Designer Max McMurdo simply divided the tub into halves, smoothed the edges, repainted and attached some quirky feet to give the chair the 'special extra' touch.

- Several little tables have been divided into halves, painted white to apply the on-trend shabby chic style, then attached to the wall. Voila, here you go with new sideboards for your lounge.

- An old heater has been reused as a coffee table. The heater was repainted and welded pipes function as the stand. To finish the unique design, apply a glass plate to the top.

Fill Your House For Free Heater as Coffee Table DIY

- An old door was used as the headpiece of a new self-made bed and painted with a wonderful Japanese garden-inspired motive. The inspiration and creativity have no limits.

Those pieces are great, very individual and hard to find somewhere else. Their value has gone up in price and there's a market out there for pieces as unique as these. Plus, you don't need to worry if you screw up your DIY projects in the refurbishing process, as the materials were free.

However, I had a go at the bathtub and heater idea and what looks so easy on the TV is hard in practice and requires the help of experts with welding and building skills. I gave it a try and glammed up an old chest of drawers with some white paint, new drawer knobs and some adhesive foil. 

Did you ever DIY furniture or do you know where to get great pieces? Feel free to comment. Kirstie's Fill Your House For Free is back for a second series this summer and airs every Tuesday at 8 pm on C4.

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