Thursday, 20 February 2014

Rule No 1. Always Watch Movies, Movies And Even More Movies

Why Movie watching is so important

As a kid, my parents would rarely watch a film with me. I remember we attempted to watch Home Alone, but the telly was switched off after 20 minutes into the film. The reason: the film was too loud, hectic, stressful and annoying. Something that stopped my mum, who always worked hard and long hours at court, from relaxing. So film watching was officially banished when I was the age of 8 and whilst other kids saw some of the greatest movies in film history EVER, I had to enjoy animal documentaries and light-hearted Rosamunde Pilcher TV romances.

Due to my mum’s strict regime of watching relaxing and easy films, I’ve missed out on some unforgettable must-see’s in film history. Mrs Doubtfire, Twister, Forrest Gump or The Jury (OT: A Time To Kill) are examples I still haven’t watched today. It has just happened as an adult that I slowly got back into films.

Whilst some people might regard movies as a waste of time, I appreciate them as a wonderful source of education: The Tudors, though deviates from historical facts, helped me to remember the order of wives and how Henry got rid of them in my English culture exams. What Dreams May Come has shaped my opinion and belief in a life after death; Titanic stirred my fascination for the rich history of this ship and encouraged me to spend hours on research. I knew every little fact about it back in 1997 and still, today, if there’s a Titanic exhibition around, I have to go and see it.

But it’s not just the educational value. Jumanji is a wonderful childhood memory, the one time my mum took me and my sister to the nearest cinema. It was a 30-mile journey to the smallest screen I’ve ever seen and although back in 1995 it took us all day to get there, we loved the film and kept this day in good memory. We still watch Jumanji whenever it’s on TV (although we have it on DVD) just for the sake of nostalgia. The Notebook and A.I. are the only films in my entire life that make me cry every time I watch them and The Ring scared the shit out of me.

Today, I’m obsessed with movies. My DVD collection counts more than 500 titles and I particularly like road movies and tragic family drama (like American Beauty or Transamerica). I couldn’t share my passion at uni with many others, so I always included film recommendations in my presentations. I even brought my films to uni in the hope to lend them out. I’ve also started to list every film I’ve seen and gave it a rating, in the hope to animate others to go and see it. Still do it today and I think it works but I still feel like that movies aren't talked much in our society. 

Films are a great source and medium for entertainment, education and to share moments with others. Don’t miss out and always remember to watch movies, movies, movies.

Thank you so much for reading today's post. What's your favourite film? And which ones are the ones connected to your special memories? I'd love to hear from you.

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