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About a year ago, I discovered a network that combines the joys of socialising and style has completely taken off. The network for young, fashion-forward and gossip interested women is a clothes swapping platform which will revolutionise your wardrobe and may earn you some extra cash.

I’m registered with the German website 'Kleiderkreisel' (UK: Vinted) but I found Depop a great alternative for UK users.

Clothes swapping networks are on trend and on the rise, as more and more people realise the potential in selling unwanted possessions online and strive for sustainability in fashion. No longer do we only have eBay, there's an entirely new industry developing for selling platforms. Take Vinted and Depop for clothes, or Gumtree, Preloved, and Shpock for furniture. All these platforms operate in the same simple way: whatever it is in your wardrobe that you don’t like any more from beauty products via accessories to clothes, you simply take pictures of it, write a little blurb about its condition with a setup price, then upload the items and let it work for you. Very useful now that it is February and you might want to get rid of your quirky Christmas jumper from your granny or the latest guilty shopping trip aka your massive Primark haul from Boxing Day.

How It works

Whilst you may think, ‘Hang on this works just like eBay’, the clothes platforms only allow garments, beauty products, and accessories to be posted, which makes them highly selective and specialised in their niche. You then choose the option to exchange, give away or sell to another registered member. This is very environmentally friendly and you may make someone else's day by uploading a piece that they may have missed out on. You are not only contributing to nature’s welfare, but you can also discover some vintage pieces or must-haves for a fraction of its original price. Plus hundreds of females are registered on these platforms so it is very likely you find people with the same interests and may develop friendships.

Selling clothes isn’t the only thing you can do. Most clothes swapping websites have forums in which you can read the funniest and bizarre stories every day, circulating tonnes of gossip, news and female bashing: one girl seeks a new best mate, another has just discovered her boyfriend cheating on her and she is unsure whether she should kill him now or his fling first, and another is bored and wants to know if the outfit she’s wearing suits her. It is always highly entertaining and amusing.

Since I registered with Kleiderkreisel three years ago, I've sold more than 80 items earning a whopping £1,600 from it. I obviously didn't earn the money straight away. It took a lot of time and in most cases, people try to negotiate the price with you and there's always the hassle of packaging and posting. All of my set up prices contain P+P and I barely give price reductions. I know this has turned a few potential buyers away but in the long run, there was always another request who was willing to pay my targeted price. It takes, however, time and some days, the many cheeky reduction requests do get annoying but persistence and patience pay off in the end if you don't want to lower your price.

Kleiderkreisel has been a nice little contribution to my pocket money and I spent most of my money earned from selling old clothes on fashion again. Have you sold your clothes online yet? Did you try out any of the mentioned swapping platforms?

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Photography was taken by Conny Mirbach.

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