Sunday, 28 June 2015

Fashion: Glastonbury Day 5

jumpsuit summer festival

Hello and welcome back ladies, it's the final day of Glastonbury and I'm pretty sure by now I'll smell pretty disgusting and won't look as glamorous as in the pictures. I try though! 

Hope you'll enjoy the final Glastonbury outfit and leave me a comment how you've been this week and if you're heading to any festivals this summer. Sorry I'm not very chatty today, it's the lack of sleep teamed up with an overload of amazing experience and memories of a life time :)

festival glastonbury fashion jumpsuit
festival fashion
festivwal wear for Glastonbury
jumpsuit and wellies for festival fashion

My 'belt' is actually a coconut and seed hat band* which I have used for my hat and alienated as a bangle. They are perfect to style and go well as a necklace too!

I'm wearing: H&M Jumpsuit, coconut and seed hat band* as belt, sunglasses*, Hunter wellies, Stradivarius Saddle bag

Hope you're all well and we'll speak soon. I'm going to catch up with everyone next week after a good night sleep :)

Till next time,

xx Caz xx

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