Friday, 10 April 2015

Film: What's Hot Or Not At The Cinema In April.

Home Cinderella and The Water Diviner review

Happy Friday to you all. Here is my monthly film post on what's hot or not to see at the cinema. Hope you'll enjoy and as always, let me know if you've seen any of the films yet (or are going to). Looking forward to your comments!

Home 1/10

I’ve never been a fan of Dreamworks Animation movies, simply because they are always hectic, gaudy and far too loud for my taste. Home doesn’t make an exception and you can’t help it but watching it will constantly remind you of Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. Dreamworks keeps it noisy and hyperactive throughout the entire film which I found stressful to watch. The characters can’t create any kind of identification which is in my opinion down to the inappropriate voicing. Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon disguised as a cute, cuddly alien (errrm) and Rihanna as a precocious nuisance failed to draw me into the movie. A thin storyline, flat characters and the main message to buy Rihanna’s next album (you’ll be bombarded 90 minutes with Rihanna songs) doesn’t make a great children’s movie to me.

Cinderella 7/10

One of the most anticipated movies this year has finally landed in cinemas and doesn’t disappoint. Cinderella is a film made for the big screen as it has everything: attractive actors, stunning visuals, a replica of the Dresden castle, fashion to die for and an OMG happy ending. A charming Lily James enchants us with her gorgeous performance as Cinderella, keep Prince Charming aside, because this is a true one woman show. So why am I giving it then just a 7/10? Well, Cinderella is very Disney. Easy to watch with it’s perfect colours and costumes and a typical thick layer of sugar lying heavily on every minute. It is close to the original animation, but in fact a bit too flawless and predictable for my taste which barely creates suspense or drama.

The Water Diviner 8/10

Set in Australia and Turkey in the 1920’s a father embarks on a dangerous journey to find his lost sons to bring them back home. Russell Crowe’s gripping director debut surprises with stunning visuals, a complex storyline and outstanding performances. The film, a mixture of family and war drama, intertwines numerous unexpected twists and turns which make The Water Diviner an intense and touching movie to watch. This is one of these films that demand your full attention and its message will stay with you long after the film has finished.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post and I hope you’ll be joining me on my next adventure. All of my film reviews include my personal opinion and I know I'm hard to please when it comes to movies. Have you been to the cinema recently? Which film did you watch and would you recommend it?

Till next time,

xx Caz xx

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  1. 7/10 is still a fair scoring for Cinderella, although I suppose 'flawless and predictable' is the name of Disney's game, which can be quite comforting at times! I'll probably end up watching Cinderella once it comes onto Sky Movies one million years from now haha!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  2. I really want to watch the water diviner!

    Head over to my blog and check out what I'm upto :)


  3. You know how much I enjoy reading these film review posts of yours! I definitely want to see Cinderella, no idea when I'll get round to it though. The Water Diviner sounds my kind of thing too, I love plots that are set back in time. I haven't heard of this before so thank you for recommending! :)


  4. I kind of like that Cinderella looks like a total replica of the cartoon, but in live action - the costumes and scenery just look so perfect for it. I can't wait to see it, but as my other half is NEVER going to go with me, I might have to wait for it to premiere on Sky! (It does look a bit cheesy when real life actors are saying some of the Disney lines though!!) x

  5. You know what Im excited for?? 'Inside Out' its not out for a few months though!
    Im still yet to see Cinderella! xx

  6. I had high hopes for Home as I thought it was brilliantly animated, when I saw the trailer. Such a shame you didn't like it. Cinderella seems nice but I think I'll wait for it to be available online and then I'll rent it. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  7. I've only seen Cinderella and I totally agree with you on that. It was all very pretty but too pretty, too perfect. If comparing it too Maleficient, Malefecient would def come on top. It's way less predictable and much more entertaining in my opinion!



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