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Fashion: The Hottest Shoe Trends For SS15

Shoe Trends for 2015

How are you? I'm a UK size 7 and buying shoes is a real nightmare for me. Most of the time the shoes of my dreams aren't available - sold out, low stock, only manufactured till size 6, (shop assistant) who has size 7? - I had it all. That's why they are my least favourite fashion item to shop and I haven't been too bothered about them. However, this season this might change as there are some gorgeous styles out there which have regained my fashion interest in shoes.

|Studded Pointed Flats // Valentino|

studded flats fashion
A friend of mine wore a pair of studded pointed ballerinas and I was starstrucked the moment I saw them. The classy design of a ballerina with a tapered front and studs along the fine strap line made these shoes an instant eye-catcher. The ballerinas were open at the sides and made of pony hair to even more wow me completely over. SHOE MUST HAVE was all I could think of. Well, ever since I saw that pair, I've been on the hunt for some. My friend mentioned 'River Island' but she must have had her pair for years, as River Island currently only has loafers in the collection. I went into Aldo, Office, Clarks, Jones Bootmaker, Linzi, even to Primark and I DID NOT find any similar styles. An online search finally brought me onto the right track and the studded pointed flats are a signature shape of Valentino. They are gorgeous but I wish the High Street would made some more affordable versions of it.

Valentino, starting from £450 to open end. However, Aldo have a fantastic budget version for only £50. Find out more in my shoe trends 2015 post which will show you which favourites have made it into my collection..

|Loafers & Plimsoles|

Loafers and Plimsoles

Loafers and plimsoles have a big revival this SS15. The shoe shape is a bit old fashioned but there are great ones out there with refreshing prints and materials that give the loafer a modern twist. With the plimsoles, you see a lot of hologram prints lately, which I personally don't really like (it looks plastic and artificial to me). I prefer handmade leather loafers with pony hair elements or with nude and coral colours. High Street as well as independent labels have pretty styles with cute bow or tassel details.

1. River Island Grey Suede Front Detail £32   2. Taschka Loafers £150   3. Russell & Bromley Chester Loafer £225   4. Jones Bootmaker Gilberte Loafers £79

|Flip Flops // Ipanema|

Ipanema flip flops shoe trends fashion

What would summer be without a pair of comfy and airy flip flops? Seriously I can't wait for the hot days and all you can hear is a 'flip flop' sound all day long. I have two pairs of Ipanemas and to me they are the best ones available on the market. Made of 100 % recycled PVC they will give you a comfy, soft, elastic feel when walking. Their shoes are inspired by the culture of Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro that's why all the designs are colourful and scream summer all over. Owning a pair will just add some super stylish Brazilian culture to your wardrobe all year long. My favs are the classic flip flop shaped ones teamed up with cute bows and straps, plus unusual styles such as the marine themed wedges.

1. Pretty Bow £20   2. Pretty Owl £20   3. Diamond II gold/brown £23   4. Lipstick II blue/red £35

Thank you so much for reading today’s post and I hope you’ll be joining me on my next adventure. Which shoe is your favourite from my list or have you got your eyes set on a completely different style? Let me know, I read and reply to every comment.

Till next time,

xx Caz xx




  1. How gorgeous are the Valentino studded flats and I keep seeing so many cute leopard print loafers at the moment. That's my favourite print so I may end up getting a pair. I am also a size 7 and it must be a popular size because it often seems to sell out fast, so I feel your pain there.


  2. Mein Stil sind die leider alle nicht. Ich mag es an den Füßen eher dezent. Dafür ist dann mein restliches Outfit auffälliger.

    Liegt vielleicht auch daran, dass ich Füße nicht mag :P

  3. Die Schuhe gefallen mir größtenteils sehr gut :) Ich finde es klasse, dass du uns mal einen Überblick über die kommenden Trends gegeben hast :)
    <3 Anna

  4. It's interesting you think the loafer is old fashioned but not the pointed toe. I wore those in the 80's. To me, the pointed toe flats are the revival. :D

    P.S. What is SS15?

  5. ok here. Yep we had pointy flats in the 80's .. I was in high school during that.

    You followed me first! :D Thanks to you, my Instagram isn't very exciting though. lol

  6. The Valentino flats are just everywhere aren't they!!! I keep seeing cheaper copies around :P everyone's wearing them! If I managed to get a pair I would go for redddd ahh!

    Serene xoxo

  7. They used to sell them in Zara :-( but I have no idea if they still do! Xxx

  8. let me know if you find any :D x

  9. Ich habe Schuhgröße 41. Deswegen würden die pointed flats für mich eher wegfallen, weil ich dann so Kajaks an den Füße hätte. :)
    Die Flipflops finde ich ganz entzückend, besonders die mit der Schleife.

  10. Oooh LOVE the Valentino flats! I'm currently a bit obsessed with the lace-up Altazurra ones which I've seen dupes of in New Look :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  11. I love all three styles. I personally can't live without my flip flops this time of the year. Although I love Ipanema, my go to have been from Havaianas. The studded flats are stunning but so expensive... please let us know if you find any "dupes". haha Hope you have a lovely week! :) xx

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK


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