Monday, 16 February 2015

Film: Cinema Highlights In February

During my UK trip I had time to catch up on films so here are my high- and low lights for this month. Hope you'll enjoy and let me know which ones you've seen and are excited about to watch.

1. Shaun The Sheep. The Movie. 7/10

Shaun and his flock finally get the chance to star in their very first movie, so we are thrown into a 80 minute long adventure far away from the idyillic British countryside - in the big city. Of course the farmer, dog Bitzer and Baby Timmy join us when we make new friends and get up to mischief. I've never thought of Shaun the Sheep as a mere toddler's programme, it is very cutely animated and a nice change to simply sit back, watch and enjoy a film without any dialogues, in which pictures and music speak enough for themselves.

2. Jupiter Ascending 3/10

Technically speaking the sci-fi opera ticks all the boxes with regards to special effects and cast. I mean there's Channing Tatum (for the ladies), Mila Kunis (for the boys) and actor-of-the-hour Eddie Redmayne (for everyone) so you can't go wrong. However, in practice A LOT goes wrong indeed. Jupiter Ascending doesn't deliver a round plot. Plot strands are so weirdly narrated that even after 30 mins into the film you find yourself wondering what exactly is going on. The logic goes overboard a few times and can't be rescued by the shockingly flat dialogues. Nice cast, stunning visuals but a dull, inaccessible story make Jupiter Ascending rather a Jupiter Declining.

3. Kingsman. The Secret Service. 8.5/10

Witty and quirky that carries a strong (glorifying violent) hand note of director M. Vaughn, who brought us Stardust and Kick Ass, Kingsman is a modern take on the spy film, which combines old traditions with modern times. It also stars Oscar winner Colin Firth in his prominent role as the British gentleman. But this time he won't act all coy and serves us tea. Instead, a sleek Colin fights like a Samurai for his ideals and honor of the secret service that is Kingsman. The film isn't boring at any point, the plot always strives forward and spiced up with twists, plus a charming cast make Kingsman a highly enjoyable and entertaining must-see movie.

4. Cake 5.5/10

Cake is an intense film which is narrated calmly and shot intimately, which makes it a bit depressing to watch. It has some strong initial conflicts which are flattened the more the plot evolves which is a bit of a shame, as it tends to fall into the ordinary. At least Aniston got the chance to prove that she has some serious acting talent outside of her vulgar cliché rom-com roles.

Thanks so much for reading today’s post and I hope you'll be joining me on my next adventure. Let me know which film you have seen or are excited about! Please join the discussion, as I love, read and reply to every comment!

Till next time,

xx CAZ xx

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  1. When did you have to see so many movies? :)
    I guess I need to find time to get to the cinema and catch up as well.

    Hope to see you on your next trip to the UK.

  2. Ahhhhhhh I really really really want to see Kingsman, I saw the trailer for it a while back (as part of a panellist survey) and it was honestly one of the ones that I wrote down that I had to see - so I'm looking forwards to finally getting to soon! Jupiter Ascending's trailer gave me an Avatar 2.0 feeling, visually stunning, but not much going on.


  3. Yes, Kingsman is on my list, hoping it's as good as you report!

  4. The only film on here I'd be really interested to see was Cake, and that's only because I'm so pleased for Jennifer Aniston getting a serious role. I hope this works out for her and she can take on more diverse roles, I'm sure she's sick to death of doing cheesy rom coms!

    Kat |

  5. I so want to see Kingsman! My boyfriend got to go to the premiere and I was so jealous! Good to know about Jupiter Ascending as well as I was tempted to go and see it! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


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