Thursday, 5 February 2015

Beauty: Nanshy 4in1 Make Up Blending Sponge

Nanshy 4in1 Blending Sponge

Earlier in January, I took part in the Bloggers Love Twitter Party and got the chance to work for the very first time with Nanshy. I've been lusting over their gorgeous makeup brushes and products for a while and now, I was even going to try and test one of their latest addition to their range before it hit stores. Later this February, Nanshy will release a 4in1 Blending MakeUp Sponge* which I have reviewed for you.

Nanshy blending sponge
Blending sponge Nanshy
Blending Sponge by Nanshy

The packaging is gorgeous and of high quality. The sponge itself is super soft and feels pleasant on your skin. Through the special pear shape, the sponge is handy and easy to use. Before its use, you'll need to wet it and the sponge will grow in size. It has actually doubled in size when I used it. The edge is perfect to hold your makeup, foundation, primer or face balm and allows an even and neat application. Especially hard to access parts of your face, e.g. nose, are now perfect to reach. Clean your sponge afterwards with warm water and let it dry before you put it back into your makeup bag.

Nanshy 4in1 blending sponge review
Blending sponge packaging
Nanshy 4in1 blending sponge

The Nanshy 4in1 Blending MakeUp Sponge is out later in February and costs £5.95. You can order it directly from the Nanshy homepage..

Thank you so much for reading today's post. Which products do you use from Nanshy? How do you apply your foundation? Would you use a sponge or a makeup brush? Hope you've enjoyed it and will join me on my next FEBulous adventure.

Till next time,

xx CAZ xx

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  1. This looks like a great alternative to the Beauty Blender. I've loved using the Real Techniques version but might invest in this one next x

  2. I really ought to try out some more make up sponges. I used to use them years ago but I never felt they gave a flawless application like buffing brushes did. I need to give this one a go though x

  3. I've never heard of this product before, so thanks for the introduction! Congratulations on doing your first (?) video by the way, it's great to hear your voice - it's incredible how English you sound haha!! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice 


  4. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Creative Bloggers Award!! You can check it out here: :D xx

  5. Nice review. Really like watching you try it out. Keep it up!

  6. you're welcome Caz :D I'm looking forward to read your facts! xx


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