Monday, 19 January 2015

Fashion: Dress To Impress OOTD

Poncho Fashion Combination Outfit Post

Recently it has happened on numerous occasions, that people around me called me 'a student' or even worse, they started to speak in child talk to me. I know I have a cute round face and look young, but I'm still in my late 20's and expect a certain level of (adult) respect. Is that too much to ask for?

You may find it flattering to be regarded as young but I don't know what it is or if I'm too sensitive, but I'm really annoyed when people misjudge me due to my looks and think they can belittle me. That's why I've been a bit more aware of my styling and dressing lately.

At first, I wanted to call this post 'Dress Your Age Appropriately' but then I thought, nah that sounds too much like a rant. Instead, I'd like to show you how I've mixed High Street and Designer brands to create a classy and sophisticated style and hopefully achieved to look mature.

I like classy styles that look fashionable but without screaming it into your face. I like clean and neat outlines with my styles, so I would for example never wear a woolly jumper to a long pleated skirt and Doc Martens.

Stradivarius Poncho
Leggsington Leggings
Kate Spade Bucket Handbag
Michael Kors rose gold watch
Fashion post
Ankle Boots from Tamaris
Outfit for early spring

This outfit combines comfy Leggsington leggings with leather Tamaris ankle boots, a warm poncho from Stradivarius with a crisp white shirt from Uniqlo. Luxury Kate Spade handbag and Michael Kors watch finish the look and apply a chic touch to the outfit.

Here is what I’m wearing:

Monochrome Poncho: Stradivarius (current winter season 2014, £25.99)
Long Shirt: Uniqlo (season 20014, £20)
Belt: Mango (season 2010, £15)
Joni Leggings: Leggsington* (current winter season 2014/2015, £28)
Handbag: Kate Spade (bought 2014, £199)
Darci Watch: Michael Kors (current season 2014, £229)
Gold Detail Shoes: Tamaris (current winter season 2014/2015m 79.95 €)

In this outfit I feel I look more like an adult and serious. Definitely have to do more with my hair (it looks dreadful) and put on more make up. What do you reckon? Thanks so much for reading today's post. Hope you like the outfit. How would you style the poncho or the leggings?

Till next time,

xx CAZ xx

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*PR sample


  1. You look stunning Caz! I've definitely been adding smarter pieces to my wardrobe too :) I love this classic look! Your finishing touches are gorgeous; your watch, amazing bag and boots all complete the outfit perfectly, plus I love the unique heel the boots have :)


  2. absolutely love your watch! And that poncho is so nice, love how you've styled it

    Amy x

  3. Looking sassy and sophisticated while completely avoiding the matronly look. Well done! Some ladies who want to be taken more seriously/maturely tend to lean towards matronly and they are just too young for that, imo.

  4. Wow you look FANTASTIC!! I really love everything about this outfit :)


  5. You do have a very fresh, cute face but you know what, that just means you're still gonna look super young when everyone else looks old! haha
    I think you look like a superstar, so classy and beautiful, very well styled indeed.


  6. I totally understand what you mean!!! Specifically, about expecting a certain amount of respect given your age...I think I look my age, but I don't sound my age unless you listen closely to what I have to say. I've heard it from a few of my close friends. My high pitched voice seems to throw new acquaintances off. They dismiss me or belittle's true that the way I choose to dress doesn't help establish myself as an "adult" but I don't think I need to dress as a corporate suite wearing powerhouse of a woman to establish myself as an intelligent woman. I love color and sophistication--specifically I love dresses with polka dots and pearls and ponytails.

    So sorry to go on a rant.

    You look amazing! I love everything you sport as you wear it all so elegantly--from this bit of sophistication to the camera tee & blazer outfit. Even if I didn't know your age, I would never feel compelled to be dismissive towards you. I'm so sorry you've had to endure this feeling. It's never pleasant.


  7. I really like this outfit. You look very chic and trendy. The bag, boots and the watch are stunning. Looking at your blog is making me wanna go shopping. Damn! lol x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK


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