Friday, 26 August 2016

Fashion: The Green Dress Inspired By Atonement

The Green Dress Inspired by Atonement

Literature has always inspired me in so many different ways, that I thought I should use today's post to show you, how literature influenced my style. I must have been 16 or so when I read Ian McEwans novel "Atonement" for the very first time, which has become one of my favourite books. The heartbreaking, yet realistic novel about love, forgiveness and a tragic incident that changes the life of all protagonists had some major impact on how I perceive life and shaped some of my core values that I have today as an adult. 

It is an inspiring book so I can only recommend you to read it if you have the chance to. I don't want to give too much away of its plot, but one particular scene stood out to me, mainly when main character Cecilia prepares for a special family reunion dinner and decides on her wardrobe for the occasion:  

"Her latest and best piece, bought to celebrate the end of finals, before she knew about her miserable third, was the figure-hugging dark green bias-cut backless evening gown with a halter neck. Too dressy to have its first outing at home." (Atonement, Ian McEwan). 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Fashion: Casual Red Checked Shirt OOTD

Fashion post shot at Leeds Castle

I tend to romanticise Britain a lot which doesn't really come at any surprise, if you have ever had the chance to visit any of the medieval castles which are scattered around the island. One place that holds a particular strong magic to me, is Leeds Castle in Kent. Only a 1h train journey south of London, the enchanting water castle is nestled in a generous parkland surrounded by lush greenery, wild rosebushes and tranquil ponds. 

Totally taken by its charm during my first visit in 2011, I was eager to return to Leeds Castle for a day out. This little weekend trip happened with my friend and fashion blogger Mille whilst she came over from Denmark for a few days. Together we explored the endless grounds, hidden archways, got lost in a maze and watched a spectacular bird of pray show. The castle itself holds history dating back to the 6th century as it is of Anglo-Saxon origin and has been used during the Tudor reign as a country house and is today in private hands. Keep your eyes open for a full review post which I'll be working on once I'm back from my summer holiday, as for now I'd like to show you my outfit that I wore on the day.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Film: American Hustle. Film Review

American Hustle film review

American Hustle triumphed over the strong contender 12 Years a Slave and won three awards at the 2014 Golden Globes ceremony in Beverly Hills. The sophisticated crime thriller, directed by David O. Russell, unites Hollywood stars Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams.

In the film, Bale plays con artist Irving Rosenfeld who teams up with partner Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams) to create a successful scam. When FBI agent Richie Di Maso (Bradley Cooper) catches the pair he forces them to work undercover to expose corrupt politicians. As the plan becomes more ambitious and chaotic, everyone struggles to keep the lie going. Especially as Irving’s unpredictable wife (Jennifer Lawrence) adds more fuel to the fire and attracts the attention of the mafia.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Lifestyle: Yolkin's Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Yolkin Macaron Ice Cream London

When it comes to ice cream, it's fair to say that I've had them all: from designing my own Magnum at the Magnum pop-up store*, to sampling Ben & Jerry's core edition to enjoying Cornetto's free cinema experience. Obviously, for this year's obligatory ice cream post I have something special for you so *drum roll* let me introduce you to a fabulous ice cream brand which I've recently discovered: Yolkin and their macaron ice cream sandwiches. 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Fashion: Ready To Explore The World With Rosegal

summer outfit fashion post rosegal playsuit

2016 sees two major fashion trends: red dominates as the colour of the moment (Little Red Dress) and stripes have their big comeback. Reinvented as a form of colour blocking, stripes have been everywhere, particularly in jumpsuits and rompers. From Zara to ASOS, you can shop the pyjama like pieces and for today's post I'd like to show you where I got mine from.

Online retailer Rosegal* recently reached out to me and asked, if I wanted to try their services and review their clothing. As I always like to discover new fashion destinations away from the familiar British HS where everyone shops, I agreed happily to the collaboration.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Lifestyle: Glossybox Review. July 2016

Glossybox review july 2016
Hi there, how is it going? For my birthday, my friend Pete surprised me with a three month subscription to Glossybox. For anyone not knowing what Glossybox is, it is basically a monthly beauty box containing up to five products related to skincare, make up or haircare. I've started my subscription in June and was at first a bit sceptical, as I'm not so much into beauty products. However, the boxes are very nicely presented and filled with some affordable and valuable products which I'd like to share in today's post.

I've only received two boxes from my subscription yet, but each time, it feels very special and I'm excited. It is a wonderful treat and fun to discover the box. So when my July box arrived, I asked my friend Karen, beauty blogger over at StyleSunrise, if she would assist me with her expertise and comprehensive beauty knowledge, so we unboxed the July Glossy together! This was a lot of fun, as it was literally the perfect after-work girly time which we both needed. 

So here are the products of the July 2016 Glossybox:

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Film: Suffragette DVD Release

Suffragette film and DVD release

My film section has been neglected for a while, so the DVD release of the movie "Suffragettes" in Germany comes just at the right time to bring you a new film-related post.

I watched "Suffragettes" last year at the cinema and I remember it came out at the time, when gender equality and feminism had been widely discussed in the media. It is still a hot topic right now and after watching "Made in Dagenham" musical and film, Suffragettes was another popular medium dealing with feminism centralising strong women fighting for their rights in society. A fight, that without, we wouldn't live in a (nearly) balanced society today. 
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